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Registration and Class Schedule

Age 18-21

Are you 18+ years of age, or will you turn 18+ prior to completion of the program? Do you have your license, or will you obtain your license prior to completion of the program?

If so, you are required to register as a Young Adult. Young Adult students are required to pay the full cost of the course and must still take their drive test at the DMV when applying for their license.

Age 15-17

For students who are 15-17 years of age with a permit (not a license) throughout completion of the program, you are able to register in the High School section. Please note that if you turn 18 or obtain your license prior to completion, you will be removed from the High School section and placed into the Young Adult section above. Tuition rates and the certificate awarded are not the same for these students. (see Tuition and Scholarship Info)