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Why take driver training?

How comfortable would you feel being operated on by a surgeon who had never attended medical school? Why then would you ever want your teen to operate a vehicle before receiving proper and adequate training? Our driver education program is ODOT-approved and provides teens with the most up-to-date knowledge and the best possible skill set available in the Rogue Valley. We are committed to training teens to become skilled, safe, and proficient drivers.

Here are several reasons to enroll your teen in an approved driver training course:

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  1. A lot has changed since you earned your license. But ODOT-approved driver instructors are up to date on all the latest vehicle technology, rules of the road and the latest safety tips.
  2. Teens must complete 100 hours of supervised driving by an adult, or just 50 if they take an approved driver education course.
  3. Teens who complete an approved driver education course generally save about 15% annually on their car insurance.
  4. An approved driver instructor has the proper equipment and resources to give your teen the training and experience they need to become a safe driver.
  5. An approved driver education course gives teens the knowledge, skill and confidence to pass the driver test the first time around.
  6. In Oregon, teens who complete an approved driver education course have a 57% lower rate of traffic convictions than teens who don't.
  7. With approved driver education, your teen is more likely to pass the driver test before they're eligible to vote, which will free you from being their personal chauffeur sooner.
  8. No offense, but teens simply learn better from a professional instructor. Less time back-talking means more time listening.
  9. One in five teen drivers has a fender bender (or worse) their first year of driving. That can throw a real monkey wrench into the family budget. Teens who take a formal driver education course have a 21% lower crash rate than those who don’t.
  10. Teens who complete an approved driver education program are more likely to survive their teenage years - and more likely to have teen drivers of their own one day. Traffic crashes are the single leading cause of death for 15-20 year-olds.

*Information provided by ODOT. Source is