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ECEE Department Requirements

Proof of a Measles Immunization is required for this program. 

Observation Guidelines

The following are some guidelines for you and your observation and participation in community early
childhood and elementary classrooms:

  1. Many courses in this department require participation in community schools, programs, and agencies for observation and practicum experiences. Some of these sites may require a background check in order for a student to participate. Future employment serving children and families will require a background check. Students may wish to consider going through a background check process to be ready for potential observation, practicum, and employment experiences – check with your ECEE Advisor for additional information.
  2. You must complete a Student Measles Immunization Status form - go to the Department web page at This is a State requirement for all community college students completing observation or practicum activities out in the community. Complete the form right away (it only needs to be done once) and submit it to the ECEE Secretary to be scanned into your record (Jennifer at RWC in F Building or Cindy at RVC in HEC-201) or scan and email it (in PDF Format) to
  3. Obtain an RCC student identification card if you don’t already have one. RCC photos will be taken on a scheduled basis in the Student Services area on the Redwood Campus, Grants Pass (956-7090) or upstairs in G Building at the Riverside Campus, Medford (245-7560). Be sure to bring a printed copy of your schedule with you to obtain your ID. Take your ID with you each time you go to observe in an early childhood setting.
  4. At some point in your studies here at RCC, most ECE students will be completing observations or practicum experiences at our lab school, the Redwood Early Childhood Center, which is a Head Start site, or at other Head Start or Early Head Start sites. You can find and complete the required forms on the Southern Oregon Head Start website, Click on “Volunteer.” The Volunteer forms must be completed before observations or practicum experiences can begin. We encourage you to go through this process now, even though you may not be observing at Head Start this term.
  5. To observe or complete a practicum at a Head Start or Early Head Start site, once the steps in #4 have been completed, email (preferred means of contact). You can also call Ashley Jasper at 541-734 5150, ext. 1024; however email is preferred. State what class(es) you are taking and what the purpose of your observation is. She will get you set up as soon as possible in a Head Start classroom. Please do NOT call centers directly if you are being newly placed at an observation site.
  6. Once you your practicum site has been arranged, call or email your site at least a week ahead of time to arrange your observation time. Call and arrange an appointment prior to your first observation, if possible, when the teacher or director/principal/area manager has time to meet with you to briefly acquaint you with the program.
  7. Go at your scheduled time. If an emergency arises and you must miss your time, call the teacher prior to your scheduled time and reschedule - preferably at least a day ahead of time if possible.
  8. Your role will primarily be observation, but you may be interacting with children for some assignments or classes. Ask the cooperating teacher what would be appropriate for you to do at that time. Follow the lead of the teacher.
  9. It is critical to maintain confidentiality. You may learn information during your time in the classroom about an individual child or family that is sensitive. It is important that you respect them by not talking about such situations outside of the classroom. In our class discussions, for purposes of furthering our learning experience, we may talk about such sensitive situations. In this case, please use only first names or initials and, again, such information should not be shared outside of the class.
  10. If there will be times when you will need to obtain further information from the cooperating teacher to complete your observations, please alert the teacher to that fact upon your arrival and ask for s/he to let you know when a convenient time might be for you to ask some questions.
  11. Talking on your cell phone and/or texting in the classroom setting are not appropriate professional behaviors and are not allowed. Likewise, be sure to check with your classroom teacher about appropriate attire to be worn at your observation site (for example, wearing flip flops is not safe when working with children). Remember, you are a representative of Rogue Community College and the ECEE Department at your observation site.
  12. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Be sure and ask the cooperating teacher about any questions you have and reasons for particular practices you may observe.
  13. We need open, close communication to optimize the community lab experience for everyone involved.
  14. Please contact your instructor if problems arise or if you have any questions or concerns.
Enjoy your experience in the classroom setting!