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Paramedic Application Process

Positions in the course are not held while applications are in process and are only reserved after the application is completed and a student has been accepted. Reach out to one of the EMS Advisors for more information.

To view the course schedule for 2021-2022 and other details about the course, see the Paramedic Course Information page.

Steps to Apply to the Paramedic Course (Applications are due by July 15)

  1. Prior to purchasing the account described below, confirm that you:
    1. have a valid EMT license or expect to obtain it by September of this year,
    2. have met with an EMS Advisor, and
    3. have completed the majority of courses for the paramedic degree, as confirmed by your EMS Advisor.
  2. Complete the Paramedic Application Process.
  3. Note: If you started a 2020 paramedic application but did not complete the process, email Rusty Riis to move you over to the 2021 application. Prior EMT students will need to purchase a new application.
    1. Visit Qualified First:
    2. Enter the code CCWPT-29778 in the "First Time Users" section.
    3. Complete the demographics section, create an account, and pay the $35 application fee.
    4. Review and upload the required documentation.

Do not complete a criminal background check or drug screen until the details and a specific code are provided by our department, which will only occur after acceptance into a course or program. Any other background checks or drug screens will not be accepted.

Once complete, Rusty Riis or Gary Heigel will email you with information detailing the next steps, including drug screen, background checks, and other requirements.

For further details on the application process, please email Rusty Riis at

For further questions about the paramedic course and curriculum, email Gary Heigel at

Entrance into the paramedic course at Rogue Community College involves a competitive selection process, designed to identify those candidates with the most potential to be successful in the class and in the EMS field. This process will include the online application process above and may also include a written exam, oral interview, or patient care scenario when there are more applicants than available space. This points-based process evaluates the following:

  • GPA & Academic Progress (specific grades and retakes are taken into consideration)
  • Written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to follow directions
  • Leadership potential
  • Patient assessment abilities and EMT knowledge and competence
  • Emergency and medical experience, preferably as an EMT
    • NOTE: Field experience as an EMT is not required prior to the RCC paramedic course. For many students, experience at the EMT level is extremely helpful. However, we have also had many students who have been very successful without prior EMS experience. 

Candidates with the highest point totals are selected. Alternate candidates or tiebreakers will be chosen by the highest scores from the interview and patient assessment scenario.


  • Current licensure as an Oregon EMT, AEMT, or EMT-Intermediate
  • Completion of all requirements for the RCC One-Year EMS Certificate or have three or less total courses remaining for the AAS Paramedicine Degree (in addition to the paramedic courses)
  • Completion of three terms of Anatomy and Physiology (A & P) within the last five years OR completion of two terms of A & P, with the third course slated for completion prior to the paramedic course; students must pass all courses with a C or better
  • Ability to pass a criminal background investigation and 10-panel drug screen

If you have questions for RCC about this process, contact Clinical Coordinator Rusty Riis at or Department Chair Gary Heigel at