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Getting Started with ELA/ESL and Spanish GED®

Programa ESL/ELA y GED® en Español

Rogue Community College's Adult Basic Skills:

How to register for ESL and Spanish GED® Classes

Summer Term 2022

Term Starts: July 11 - Term Ends: September 1

Last Orientation/ Last day to register for summer term

Friday, June 17

Admission and Registration

Attend an Orientation and take an Assessment

Attending an orientation session and taking an assessment is required for all new and returning ESL students.

  • Call/email us to sign up for an online or in-person orientation.
  • At orientation, you will learn about our program and complete the required admission application (free/easy).
  • At orientation, you will take the required assessment (test) to determine your level and register for classes. 

Complete the Admission form

Complete the Admission form

  • Our ESL staff will help you complete the required admission form during orientation.
  • After completing the admission form, you will receive your RCC ID number and student email address via your personal email address.

Prepare for your classes and progress in the program

Prepare for your classes and progress in the program

  • $65 per term to attend classes. If you take one class or three classes, the cost is the same ($65).
  • Plan your schedule and commit to attending classes every week for the entire term in order to make progress toward your goals.
  • Please try to schedule personal appointments outside of class time.
  • Our program uses assessments and practice tests to measure your progress with your English language skills or GED® skills. These assessments should show the time and effort you put into studying and attending classes.

Connect with your Advisor

The advisor for all ELA students is Sandra Mitchell

[email protected] | 541-956-7487

  • Your Advisor will send you your class schedule, payment options, and resources that RCC offers to ESL and Spanish GED® students.

Questions? Please contact us:
Phone: 541-956-7490. Email: [email protected]