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Ensuring Quality Care (EQC) - Adult Foster Care

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Adult Foster Care

What is Adult Foster Care?

When elderly people or adults with physical disabilities are no longer able to care for themselves in their own homes, adult foster care may be an option. Adult foster homes are single-family residences that offer 24-hour care in a home-like setting. The goal of an adult foster home licensee is to provide care and services to residents while supporting their independence, choice and the right to make decisions.

Adult foster home licensees provide meals (including special medical-related diets), provide or arrange transportation to appointments and other activities, laundry, medication administration, and help with eating, dressing, bowel and bladder care, personal care, walking and/or getting out of a bed or a chair, and behavioral issues, as needed. They also provide friendship and the opportunity for residents to reside in a safe and caring environment.

Registration Steps:

  1. Attend an Adult Foster Home orientation in Medford, Grants Pass, or in your area from January 2019 on.
  2. Apply for admission here. Select Non Degree Seeking, Community & Industry, Workforce Development as your plan of study.
  3. After you submit your application, send an email to to be cleared to register. You will be notified via email to provide proof of orientation status. Once your proof has been accepted you will be cleared to register online through your myRogue account.
When is the next class?

Our next class is tentatively planned for winter term 2021 (January-March 2021).


Four segments starting on Wednesdays, lasting one week each.
Complete assignments at your own schedule during each segment.

**Local Southern Oregon EQC students must attend a two-hour conference call session of class on Wednesday, August 19, 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

A $349 tuition.

How the class works: Sample Syllabus

You are liable for payment of classes at the time of registration. Tuition charges will be removed from your account if you officially drop 3 business days prior to the class start date. To officially drop a class, visit your myROGUE page or call 541-956-7303.

Pre-requisites: Attending a free adult foster home provider orientation meeting is mandatory before taking a Rogue Community College EQC class. It must be an orientation given after January 2019, since many regulations changed in 2019. Orientations are provided by the Aging and People with Disabilities/Adult Foster Home department or your local licensor. To sign up for an orientation in Southern Oregon call 541-618-7879, otherwise contact your local Adult Foster Home licensor. Also, a basic knowledge of computers, including folder and file management is recommended.


Why is there an Orientation pre-requisite?
The RCC EQC class wants you to focus on quality care, as it says in the title. It is best to get the full adult foster home Orientation process from your local Licensor, rather than partial information. For example, the EQC class content does not cover things like required business funding, or what level of home you are qualified for. We also want to make sure you are connected personally with your licensors.

How quickly can I finish the class?
Ours takes a full four weeks to finish. This is to allow best-practices for learning, the main one being time to read, assimilate and understand all of the content. There are quite a few topics to cover. The weekly schedule also makes it easier to get all assignments in on time.

What kind of orientation verification will I be asked to provide?
You will be sent a form to complete that requests the date and location of you orientation. If your orientation was from outside Southern Oregon (Josephine or Jackson counties) you will be asked to provide a copy of your completion documentation or an email to us from you licensor.