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Help RCC Go Green

Green Fee

Suggested donation: $1-5

Ideas for how it could be spent:

  • Bike lockers like RVTD has to prevent theft since there are no security cameras on the bike racks at RVC
  • Moveable planter boxes at RVC
  • Pay for carbon offsets
  • Demonstration native plants added to RWC arboretum with walking guides
  • Fund a Sustainability Coordinator
  • Motion sensors to replace regular light switches
  • Transition to drought tolerant landscaping to save water
  • Additional water bottle refilling stations
  • Green roofs for increased energy efficiency
  • Permanent (long-term) signs around campus with info on why conservation is important. For example, where our waste goes, encouraging people to use paper towels wisely, etc.
  • Community garden
  • Composting classes/workshops
  • Having an Earth Day event at RVC
  • Vertical demonstration garden
  • Replacing paper towels with hand dryers
  • Paying for prime parking spaces for those who carpool
  • Allowing farmers on campus to sell produce and subsidizing the cost for low income students
  • Reimbursing all the cost of bus passes to students instead of $15/term
  • Additional solar panels
  • Putting a sink in for students to access to wash their own dishes, which would reduce the incentive to buy food and create waste from packaging


Projects the Green Team is Involved in: 

  • The President’s Climate Commitment 
  • Water bottle refilling stations
  • Recycling programs
  • Worm bin composting 
  • Implementation of the voluntary Environmental Sustainability Fee 
  • Strategic Energy Management Plan
  • RCC Energy Audit
  • Rogue Energy Alliance
  • Solar charging station