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Strategic Energy Management Project

Energy Savings Summary:

RCC is on track to receive over $10,000 in incentive money from Energy Trust of Oregon for the energy conservation work the Energy Team has done as part of the Strategic Energy Management program in 2015 & 2016. More projects are on their way, so we’ll be earning more in the future.

In RCC’s first year participation in 2015 in the Strategic Energy Management program with Energy Trust the Energy Team completed low cost/no cost projects which saved an estimated 228,314 kilowatt hours of energy. The calculator on this page:

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator puts this into understandable units. It means we saved the equivalent of almost 17 household’s worth of energy for one year! Or, the equivalent of taking almost 34 cars off the road for one year! And, since the college pays $.0689 per kw hour, this saved the college over $15,000 in electricity costs! And, we’ll keep saving that for every year here on out.

Plus, the Energy Team been doing additional projects in 2016 with big payoffs. Room 184 in TRC is the most utilized room and it had old, energy hog lighting. Facilities revamped it to LED lights and received incentive money to help with this project. It cost $11,550 and we got $3256 back in incentives. The simple payback time for RCC’s out of pocket costs is 6.4 years, so after that we save energy, and we save money. The second big project that is currently underway is to replace the outdoor lighting at TRC with LED lights. That project has a simple payback of 7.5 years. So, we’ll also be seeing some additional major energy savings at the end of that time frame.  

Next year additional incentives are available through Avista’s partnership with Energy Trust, so the Energy Team plans to do conservation work on our HVAC systems which are all gas powered and to begin work at RVC.