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Application Procedures

A career in human services offers many challenges and opportunities. RCC's programs provide the training and experience you need to enter this rewarding and demanding field. RCC Human Services advisors will assist you in deciding which program is right for you based on your interests, aptitudes, and career goals.

The application process has several steps, which must be taken in order:

Step 1: Attend a mandatory information session.
This is required, even if you have attended a session in the past. You will have an opportunity to hear about the field of human services, careers, pre-requisite courses, and programs. The sessions are facilitated by RCC Human Services faculty and are held each month October through March. No appointment is necessary. Please consult the program website for more information about dates, times, and locations.
Step 2: Enroll at Rogue Community College.
Complete the required Placement Process and submit an online application to RCC.
Step 3: Complete the pre-requisite courses before the end of summer term 2020 with a C grade or higher.
Some of the pre-requisites have requirements of their own. Please consult an advisor to determine your eligibility for enrollment in human services pre-requisites.
Step 4: Complete the Human Services Application form. (It is recommended that you download the form to your computer and open and fill it out using latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
Fill out the online form, print a copy and submit it with supporting documents by April 17, 2020. Incomplete or incorrectly compiled applications will not be considered. The components of the application are:
  • Two current recommendation forms from individuals not related to you and who know you academically or professionally. Please do NOT ask RCC Human Services faculty or anyone who might be reviewing applications to provide a recommendation. Do not submit recommendations from friends or classmates, past or present.
    • Print the recommendation form and give it to your references. Ask them to complete the form, place it in a sealed envelope with their signatures across the flap and return it to you. You are responsible for submitting completed forms along with the application. Opened or unsigned recommendations will not be considered.
  • Up-to-date, official transcripts and/or course substitution waivers, sent directly to RCC Enrollment Services
  • A proctored essay in your own handwriting, written in the RCC Testing Center on either the Redwood or Riverside Campuses and submitted before the application deadline. Students requiring special accommodations should make these arrangements directly with testing center staff in a timely manner so that their writing may be scheduled before August 5th. Please avoid scheduling your essay during midterms and final exams, specifically weeks 6, 7, 10 and 11 of the term. Writing prompts will be provided and will address broad questions regarding your philosophy of helping, your personal strengths, etc. Essays will be graded on the following basis:
Content 10 points
Construction/readability 5 points
Grammar, usage, spelling 5 points
Legibility 5 points
Step 5. A personal interview may be required.
A personal interview may be scheduled to gather additional information.
Step 6. Applicants will be notified by mail.
Notices will be sent out after June 1. Call Cindy Henney at 541-245-7504 if your contact information changes. Later applicants will be notified as we process their applications.
Step 7. Withdrawing or postponing your application.
Please notify the Human Services Department secretary if you wish to withdraw or postpone your application. The goal is to operate the program at full capacity to give all qualified students a chance to attend.
Step 8: Orientation and advising.
Students accepted into the program must attend a group orientation and advising session in late August or early September. Accepted students will be notified by mail of the date, time and location.
Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m., April 17, 2020. Decisions regarding acceptance will be made by June 1. Applications will be rated on a point system, according to the following formula:
Successful completion of all pre-requisites by end of winter term 5 points
Completion of PSY 101, SP111 and WR121 with an A grade* 5 points (ea. course)
Completion of PSY 101, SP111 and WR121 with an B grade* 3 points (ea. course)
Documented human services work or volunteer experience 5 points
Handwritten essay up to 25 points
Two completed recommendation forms from unrelated individuals who know you academically or professionally up to 5 points (ea.)

Thank you for your interest in RCC's Human Services program. We look forward to meeting you.