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Program Review

At RCC, departments/programs are evaluated in depth every third year, with on-going annual updates. The in-depth program review process is a structured self-study, discussion and team assessment. It includes a thorough analysis of the department and its program goals, strengths and opportunities for improvement. The program review provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, and administration to reflect on these processes and develop plans with specific objectives to improve them. Finally, the process includes meaningful feedback to inform and assist the department with program development. 

Our goal is to embrace this assessment opportunity as a way to inform and impact student learning at RCC.       

Purposes of the Program Review

The program review is designed to document the state of a department and its program(s), inform the college and broader community about the department’s program(s), and promote continuous improvement through self-reflection. Program reviews also help the college determine how programs and services align with the college mission and core themes, and how well they meet current and projected needs of students and external stakeholders.  The purpose of this process is to ensure that meaningful data on achievement of student learning outcomes is regularly collected, analyzed, and used for the improvement of teaching and learning.

The Program Review is:

  • Conducted by faculty/staff with support and assistance from administration
  • A snapshot of current department/program demographics
  • A snapshot of current assessment and department/program processes
  • A living document for on-going reflection, review, and planning
  • Reviewed and updated annually  
  • An integral part of college-wide planning, budgeting, assessment, and accreditation processes

Program Review Guidelines and Self-Study Template (Includes rubric and glossary!)

Attachments: Table I Program Learning Outcome Assessment Cycle

Table II Overview of PLO Assessment Plan

Annual Summary of Learning Outcome Achievement

Program Review Schedule 2016-21 

Program Review Schedule 2018-19:

As part of the program review process, departments present highlights from their self-studies at an Academic and Training Council meeting.  For this year, five departments have agreed to be the first to do their program reviews and presentations.  The schedule is:

Date Program up for Review Supporting Documents
November 2, 2018 Academic Success
Program Review I (pdf)
Program Review PowerPoint (pdf)
Combined ILO's (RD30 2015-2017)
March 8, 2019 Graphic Design
Program Review (pdf)
April 12, 2019 Electronics Technology
Program Review (pdf)
May 24, 2019 Art  and AAOT/AGS  

All presentations are 8:00- 9:30 am in the IP video rooms:  RWC CH-10; RVC G-16, TRC 123A.  Feedback is welcome from all who read the self-study and/or attend the presentation.  For formal feedback, feel free to fill out this RUBRIC and return it to the Dean, Department Chair, or Chair of the Outcomes Assessment Council (OAC).

For your convenience in planning, OAC has developed the full schedule for self-study submission and review.

Program Reviews Completed 2017-18:

October 13

Dental Assisting     

Self-Study   Table I    Table II     Sample Syllabus      Presentation                

December 8         Diesel Technology  Self-Study  Presentation
February 9      Humanities Self-Study
April 13 See the three programs below:

Medical Administrative Assistant Self-study  Map  Sample Syllabus  

Medical Assistant Self-Study   Map    Sample Syllabus

Phlebotomy  Self-Study   Map    Sample Syllabus

May 11 Computer Support Tech/Computer Support Tech/Informatics Self-Study

Recordings of most presentations are available to RCC faculty and staff at: Y:\Program Review Revised  2017\Program Review 2017-18\Program Review 17-18 Reports and Presentations

Program Reviews Completed in  2016-17:

April 28 Business Technology
May 19   Automotive Technology
June 2

Math    Presentation     Report


            Enrollments:  13-14   14-15   15-16   16-17   summary

             Math Classes and Degree Requirements

             Pass rates over time

             Sample Syllabus

June 9

Early Childhood and Elementary Education  Presentation  Report

June 16 Library Services

Recordings of most presentations are available to RCC faculty and staff at: Y:\Program Review Revised  2017\Program Review 2016-17\Program Review 17-18 Reports and Presentations