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Instructional Design Resources

an old timey photo of an instructor at a chalk boardLooking to improve the quality of your online course?

Sure you are -- I know -- I believe in you (unless you're trying to sell me a timeshare) so let's make our classes better together!

The Best Practices and Common Standards document, in conjunction with the worksheet, will help you become acquainted with the most common standards and best practices for all online courses at Rogue Community College. What are you waiting for? A comet to hit the earth? Wait... do you know something I don't?

Check it out!

Quality Matters

Another way to improve your course quality is to check out the Quality Matters rubric and resources. Does your course match up with the QM rubric? If not, there's plenty of tactics we can use to make your course a better experience for both you and your students. Check out one of my QM workshops or contact Josh Ogle for assistance!

Image: Taken circa 1951, Launceston Junior Technical High School, mechanical drawing - Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office -- Licensed under Creative Commons. Some rights reserved.