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Program Learning Outcomes

In summer 2019, RCC started the next step in our mapping journey. We took the large curriculum maps (see below) and narrowed the focus to a one-page snapshot.  We now have a clear picture of the sequence of courses for a degree or program and where program learning outcomes are introduced, reinforced and assessed along the way. The five-year assessment plan is included and shows how the course work and assessment points are connected to each other. Read more about how the college assesses curriculum and outcomes on the Assessing Institutional Effectiveness page.

Program Outcome Curriculum
Map and Plan

Program Outcome Report

ILO Curriculum Map

Allied Health
Medical Administrative Assistant
Medical Assistant
Medical Coding Specialist
Pharmacy Technician
Sterile Processing Technician

MAA: 2018-19
MA: 2018-19
MCS: 2018-19
PRX: 2018-19
SPT: 2018-19

MAA (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)
MA (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)
MCS (Certificate) ILO (10.24.19)
PRX (Certificate) ILO (10.24.19)
SPT (Certificate) ILO (10.24.19)

Automotive Technology
AAS Automotive Technology
Automotive Specialist Certificate

AM (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
AM (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)

Business Technology
AAS Business Technology
Accounting Certificate
Administrative Assistant Certificate
Assistant Manager Certificate

BT (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
Business Assistant (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)

Computer Information Sciences
AAS Computer Support Technician
CIS (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
Criminal Justice
AAS Criminal Justice
CJ (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
Dental Assistant
Dental Assistant Certificate
2018-19 DA (Certificate) ILO (10.24.19)
Design and Digital Media
AAS Design and Digital Media
Design and Digital Media Certificate
AS Digital Cinema Transfer to SOU
AS EMDA Transfer to SOU

DDM (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
DDM (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)

Diesel Technology
AAS Diesel Technology
Diesel Specialist Certificate

DT (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
DT (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)

Early Childhood Education
AAS Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education Certificate


ECE (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
ECE (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)

Electronics Technology
AAS Electronics Technology
Electronics Technician Certificate
Microcontroller Systems Technician Certificate
Renewable Energy Technician Certificate

ET (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
ET (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)
MST (Certificate) ILO (10.24.19)
RET (Certificate) ILO (10.24.19)

Family Support Services
AAS Family Support Services
Family Support Services Certificate
2018-19 FSS (AAS) ILO (10.24.19)
FSS (Certificate) ILO (10..24.19)
Fire Science
AAS Fire Science
FS (AAS): 2018-19 FS (AAS) ILO (10..24.19)
Health, PE, Recreation (HPER)
AAOT HPER Interest
AS HPER Transfer to SOU
HPER (AS): 2019-20 HPER (AS) ILO
Human Services
AAS Human Services
Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certificate
2018-19 HS (AAS) ILO (10.24.19)
HS (Certificate) ILO (10.24.19)
Industrial Welding Technology
AAS Industrial Welding
Industrial Welding Technology Certificate

WLD (AAS) ILO (10.23.2019)
WLD (Certificate) ILO:(10.23.2019)

Manufacturing/Engineering Technology
AAS Manufacturing/Engineering Technology
Computer Numerical Control Technician Certificate

MET (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
MET (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy Certificate
MT (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)
AAS Mechatronics
Mechatronics Specialist
2018-19 MEC (AAS) ILO (10.23.19)
MEC (Certificate) ILO (10.23.19)
AAS Nursing
Practical Nursing Certificate
ADN: 2019-20
ADN: 2018-19
PN: 2018-19
ADN (AAS) ILO (10.24.19)
PN (Certificte) ILO (10.24.19)
AAS Paramedicine
Emergency Medical Services Certificate
PARA (AAS): 2018-19 ES-Paramedics (AAS) ILO (10.24.19)
EMS (Certificate) ILO (10.24.19)

RCC Large Overview Maps