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Class Schedule

Department: Manufacturing and Engineering Technology
Term: Summer 2020/21

Course #Name of CourseDaysTimeInstructorPlaceCr.Tuition*Sec. #Notes
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
MEC102Basic Hand Tools TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB3$348.00R11
MEC103Industrial Safety TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB1$116.00R11
MEC110AC/DC Electrical Systems for Manufacturing TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB3$348.00R11
MEC114Safety for Industry TBA0AM - 0AMKnight, AnthonyWEB3$348.00R11
MEC115Electrical Control Systems and Sensors for ManufacturingTBA0AM - 0AMFoster, StephenWEB3$348.00R11
MEC116Quality Practices and Measurement TBA0AM - 0AMKnight, AnthonyWEB3$348.00R11
MEC118Manufacturing Processes and Production TBA0AM - 0AMKnight, AnthonyWEB3$348.00R11
MEC120Maintenance Awareness TBA0AM - 0AMKnight, AnthonyWEB4$464.00R11
MEC125Pneumatics I TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB3$348.00R11
MEC130Hydraulics I TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB3$348.00R11
MEC140Green Production TBA0AM - 0AMKnight, AnthonyWEB2$232.00R11
MEC149Electrical Motor Control TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB4$464.00R11
MEC210Variable Frequency AC Drives TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB2$232.00R11
MEC240Robotics I TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB3$348.00R11
MET101Mechanical Drafting TBA0AM - 0AMThomas, Charles (Chuck)WEB3$348.00R12, 1
MET105Blueprint Reading: Mechanical TBA0AM - 0AMThomas, Charles (Chuck)WEB3$348.00R11, 3
MET111CAD I: Mechanical (Autodesk Inventor) TBA0AM - 0AMBullard, MichaelWEB3$348.00R14, 5, 1
MET112CAD II: Mechanical (Autodesk Inventor) TBA0AM - 0AMCort, WilliamWEB3$348.00R15, 6, 1
MET121CAD I: Mechanical (Intro. to SolidWorks) TBA0AM - 0AMThomas, Charles (Chuck)WEB3$348.00R17, 5, 8, 1
MET122CAD II: Mechanical (SolidWorks) TBA0AM - 0AMThomas, Charles (Chuck)WEB3$348.00R19, 1
MFG116Metrology TBA0AM - 0AMThomas, Charles (Chuck)WEB2$232.00R11, 10, 2
MFG140CNC Controls TBA0AM - 0AMFoster, StephenWEB2$232.00R111, 2, 1
MFG210AC/DC Electrical Systems for Manufacturing TBA0AM - 0AMFoster, StephenWEB3$348.00R11, 4, 12
MFG215Electrical Control Systems and Sensors for ManufacturingTBA0AM - 0AMFoster, StephenWEB3$348.00R11, 4, 12
MFG220Research and Development Prototyping TBA0AM - 0AMFoster, StephenWEB4$464.00R113, 2, 1
MFG242CAM I: Mastercam TBA0AM - 0AMThomas, Charles (Chuck)WEB4$464.00R114, 2, 1
MFG243CAM II: Mastercam TBA0AM - 0AMThomas, Charles (Chuck)WEB4$464.00R115, 2, 1
  1. Offered as a Web-based class over the Internet. Information about Web-based classes and required orientations are at All online teachers expect students to participate in the class by Wednesday of the first week of the term. Students not participating during the first week may be subject to administrative drop. Check the syllabus and course orientation for participation requirements. Students may be required to have a web cam and audio capabilities on their computer for online courses.
  2. Tooling purchase may be required.
  3. Prerequisite: MTH63 or higher-level math.
  4. Prerequisite: CS120 or documented proficiency.
  5. Corequisites: MET101 and MET105 highly recommended.
  6. Prerequisite: MET111
  7. Prerequisites: CS120 and MTH60; WR121 (may be taken concurrently).
  8. Prerequisite: CS140 recommended.
  9. Prerequisite: MET121.
  10. Corequisite: MFG121 or equivalent.
  11. Prerequisites: MFG121 and MTH60 recommended.
  12. Prerequisites: MTH60 or MTH63 or higher level math; EET101 recommended.
  13. Corequisite: WR121.
  14. Prerequisite: MFG241.
  15. Prerequisite: MFG242.