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math Marvels at RCC
Math Marvels @ RCC
Does the thought of taking math classes make you nervous? Fear not, we are here to help!  We offer support to students enrolled in MTH60 and MTH243R. Click on the emblem above to learn more about our program.

Math is required to complete every degree and certificate program at RCC. Whether your goal is to reinforce your number sense, learn basic skills, earn required math credits for certificates and degree programs, or prepare for transfer to a four-year school, we can help build your math concepts and skills to get you on the right track.

Math is not a spectator sport. -- Jerry Mortensen
Neither is life. Don't stand on the sidelines, get out there and play!

Where should I start?

The tests below will give you some idea of the types of math questions you should know from each

Math Help?

Tutoring Centers

The Tutoring Centers offer math assistance for all math courses taught at RCC. In general, the
tutors will review and explain mathematical concepts.

Online Help

The following links provide access to lecture-based and online instruction:

Online Homework Links
Graphing Calculator Help?
Math Open Educational Resource (OER) Books
Doug Gardner, Department Head Doug Gardner
Department Chair