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General Music Courses

Western Music

Introduction to Western Music (primarily offered online)
MUS 201: Studies styles and historical contexts of music from antiquity to the present. This course is designed for students of any type of musical background.
History of Western Music I, II and III
MUS 261, 262 and 263: This year-long series is designed primarily for Music majors, and students who plan on transferring to a 4 year music school.  Each term focuses in depth on a period of time in the history of western music.  It is recommended, but not required, to take this series sequentially. 

Rock and Roll

Introduction to Rock Music (primarily offered online)
MUS 206:  Surveys rock music from its origins to the present as revealed through the study of the most innovative and influential artists of this American musical form. Emphasis is placed on building listening and comprehension skills through listening to rock, in-class discussion of the music, class assignments, research, and reading of the text. 
History of Rock Music I, II and III
MUS 264, 265, and 266:  This series is for students of any musical background who have an interest in the rich history of American rock and popular music.  While it is recommended to take the series in order, it is not required.  Each individual course is designed to function individually so students can select their area of deepest interest.

World Music

Music in World Cultures
MUS 108: Introduces music from various cultures with an international and cross-cultural perspective. Explores both commonalities and differences in how music is defined, valued, and utilized in many cultures around the world. Designed for students of any musical background.