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Learn an Instrument

There are several options for students to learn an instrument for the first time or possibly pick one back up after a long break.  Lessons are offered in a group setting for piano and guitar as well as private lessons for nearly everything else!

Applied Lessons: MUP 100

RCC offers private lessons on a variety of instruments and for multiple skill levels. To register, contact the Music Department to be assigned an instructor and have a course section created just for you.

Contact Information:
Bryan Jeffs

Class Piano: MUS 131, MUS 132, MUS 133

Offers elementary instruction covering the principles of piano playing to fit the needs of beginners in a class setting. A piano or keyboard is needed for practice. Typically, the first course in the series will be offered every term.  The following courses in the series will be offered based on student interest.

Group Guitar: Beginning MUS 137

Covers the basic construction of the guitar, principles of tuning, maintenance, and treatment of the instrument. Also covered are key signatures, scales, primary chords and their structures, as well as fingering methods, right hand picking styles and techniques specific to the guitar. Students will learn how to accompany solo and group singing, and learn skills needed to translate music and methods for solving problems common to guitar players.

Group Guitar: Intermediate MUS 138

Enables students to create more complicated common style arrangements to folk, blues, and popular song styles by adding melody notes and bass runs to open chords. Students will also learn accompanying styles to a much broader range of song types, the use of more sophisticated chords and voicings, and the use of barred chords affording the guitarist the ability to play in any key.