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Steps to Prepare for Applying to the RCC Nursing Program

The next application deadline for the RCC Nursing Program (educational program to become a Registered Nurse) is February 15.  Please note that every year we have about 200 applicants for 32 seats in the first year of the program.

If you are planning to apply to the RCC Nursing Program:

  1. One of the first things you need to do is go through the process of getting admitted to RCC, obtaining an RCC ID number, and submitting your official transcripts for transcript evaluation if you have taken college courses elsewhere but have not had them evaluated at RCC.  Go to the college home page at  and follow the links/directions under “Start Now” (on the right side of the page). You may need to take a placement test if you’ve never had college math or writing courses.
  2. Request official transcripts from your previous colleges to be sent to RCC.  Email Rogue Central at to confirm college receipt of your transcripts. Complete the online form Request for Transfer Credit Evaluation. Select the AAS (associate of applied sciences degree) and select “Nursing” on the next page then submit the request.  It will be put into a pending file until all of your non-RCC transcripts have been received. You will receive an email from Rogue Central notifying you when your Degree Audit (transcript evaluation) is complete and instruction regarding how to access it.  Please review your audit prior to contacting RCC with transfer questions.
  3. Please go to the Nursing website at  to learn more about our program.  Then on that page click on the “Program and Student Information” link to go to  to find links to more information.  Click on the “Program Information Sessions” link (top of right hand column of bulleted links ) to find out the dates/times/places for monthly information sessions about the program. Most of your questions will probably be answered at one of those sessions, which is why we require students to attend an information session before making an appointment to see a nursing adviser.  No need to make an appointment – just show up.
  4. At the end of the information session, you will be instructed to call the program’s administrative assistant at 541-956-7308 who will schedule an appointment with a Nursing advisor who can review your degree audit with you, set up a planner and approve you to register for courses in subsequent terms.