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Program Requirements

Students accepted into/ the program will need to have a current American Heart Association certification in Basic Life Support for Health Care providers (First Aid/CPR), pass the drug test, pass a criminal background check, and provide documentation of required immunizations. The following courses or their LBCC equivalents must be completed with a grade of “C” or better:

Prerequisites to Apply:


*You may use 2016 Spring term courses to meet the minimum application requirements.

RCC Courses for General Education:

Total: 27 credits

LBCC Course Descriptions:

  • OTA120 Occupational Therapy Foundations - 4 credits
  • OTA230 Innovative Theory and Practice - 2 credits
  • OTA122 Mental Health Theory & Practice - 4 credits
  • OTA240 Administration and Management - 2 credits
  • OTA124 Physical Health Theory and Practice 4 credits
  • OTA124A Physical Health Lab 2 credits
  • OTA260 Level II Fieldwork A - 10 credits
  • OTA140 Activity Analysis - 4 credits
  • OTA160 Level I Fieldwork - 1 credits
  • OTA270 Level II Fieldwork B - 10 credits
  • OTA222 Pediatric Theory and Practice - 4 credits
  • OTA224 Geriatric Theory and Practice 4 credits
  • OTA115 Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology I-4 credits
  • OTA116 Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology II-4 credits
  • OTA117 Professionalism-1 credit
  • OTA118 Documentation-1 credit
  • OTA119 Preparing for Success in the OTA Program-1 credit
  • OTA125 Therapeutic Use of Self-1 credit
  • OTA 161 Fieldwork Seminar-1 credit