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About Us

Our mission is to foster excellence in the delivery of courses and programs by coaching faculty in the design of outcome-based curricula and the assessment of student learning to increase teaching effectiveness and student success.

Full Time Faculty:

Lori Sours, Outcomes and Assessment, x7803 (

Administrative Assistant:  Chelsea Kelsey-Hamilton, x 7425

A growing role of the Outcomes and Assessment department is our involvement in the program review process. Our department oversees the activities of IDAC (Instructional Design and Assessment Council), a faculty body whose role is to provide support and peer feedback to departments as part of their program review.

What can we do for you?

  • Help with course design, both on-site and on-line.
  • Support individual faculty in their professional development as community college teachers.
  • Help in developing assessment tools.
  • Facilitate mapping your program.
  • Develop and maintain a library of teaching resources that meets your needs.

Full list of services we provide