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Institutional Learning Outcomes

These five broad Institutional Learning Outcomes statements were developed by RCC faculty in 2009-2011.  They describe characteristics that we hope or expect our students to exhibit by the time they finish a degree or certificate at RCC. The ILOs are, thus, the collegiate success dispositions that our students should aspire to, in addition to mastering the learning outcomes for their courses and program(s).

Application of Knowledge: Students will synthesize and use knowledge in familiar and unfamiliar situations to effectively solve problems and complete tasks.

Approach to Learning:  Students will engage in and take responsibility for intentional learning, seek new knowledge and skills to guide their continuous and independent development, and adapt to new situations. 

Communication:  Students will engage in quality communication using active listening and reading skills and expressing ideas appropriately in oral, written, and visual work. 

Critical Thinking:  Students will think critically and creatively about problems and issues in classroom or school, home, work, and community settings to create positive, sustainable solutions.   

Personal Growth:  Students will balance life and civic responsibilities, believe in themselves, accept and commit to change, self-reflect, and be tolerant and respectful of themselves and others. 


The assessment of ILOs is connected to a rubric of factors which was developed along with the main ILO statements.