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Learning Outcomes Assessment Planning

Build your assessment plan NOW!!   

An assessment plan describes the cycle of assessment for program learning outcomes and identifies where each program learning outcome is assessed at the course level.  Key considerations:

  • Each program (set of learning experiences leading to a certificate or a degree) should have its own unique set of learning outcomes.  (If there is an associated certificate, there should be some way of distinguishing between the certificate and the degree, either in the exact set of PLOs or the expected achievement level of the PLOs.)
  • During the mapping process, the assessment points for the PLOs are identified. 
  • Table I describes the cycle of PLO assessment.
  • Table II identifies the CLO assessments that align with each PLO.
  • The Annual Summary of Learning Outcome Achievement describes which PLOs have been assessed during the current year and what actions will be or were taken as a result of that assessment data. 

Watch these for the big picture:

Curriculum Mapping to Assessment at Rogue

Your Assessment Plan - Where's Your Flow?

Use these  four key tools.


Every program or Gen Ed department should have these forms completed by the end of Spring 2018 and plan on additional results collection and analysis by Fall 2018 - to make our accreditation self-study strong.


Contact Lori Sours (x7803 or for assistance.