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Human Services Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply principles of ethical decision making in the human services field and practice ethical behavior in relation to self and others within the helping relationship.
  2. Establish rapport and a therapeutic alliance with clients through the demonstration of empathy, genuineness, congruence, and unconditional positive regard.
  3. Promote personal growth in self and others by practicing positive living, optimism, self-examination and willingness to change.
  4. Exhibit sensitivity and insight into the wide variety of problems in living experienced by individuals and groups in contemporary society.
  5. Demonstrate clinical skills of screening, assessment, treatment planning, termination and referral.
  6. Incorporate knowledge about the interrelated effects of addictions, poverty, mental and physical illness, and homelessness on family dynamics and intimate relationships in an integrated approach to addressing issues of family and intimate partner violence, child abuse and neglect.
  7. Demonstrate specific skills in active listening, motivational interviewing, group counseling, crisis intervention and management, and counseling chemically dependent, traumatized, mentally ill and emotionally disturbed clients, as well as those with co-occurring mental health and addictions diagnoses.
  8. Function effectively as a member of a team in providing services, designing programs, and working collaboratively among agencies and organizations for the benefit of clients and the community.
  9. Actively engage in continuing education, lifelong learning and pro-active self-care.