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Massage Therapy Program Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing the Massage Therapy program students will be able to:

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively in a professional manner with clients, members of the healthcare team, and others.
  2. Demonstrate and document various assessment processes; recognizing health and non-health within the body.
  3. Demonstrate ability to research pathologies and utilize clinical judgment using knowledge and problem solving skills when creating and implementing a treatment plan.
  4. Provide care for diverse populations of clientele and demonstrate a personal commitment to service and the profession of massage therapy.
  5. Demonstrate ethical/legal behaviors and boundaries in the massage profession, identify and apply components of a business plan and the ability to bill insurance cases.
  6. Utilize universal precautions and maintain a high level of sanitization of equipment and the facility.
  7. Utilize a variety of soft tissue modalities to aid in the health and healing of one’s body and recognize how those modalities and massage skills combine to create different effects to meet the goals of clientele.
  8. Use safe, efficient and effective body mechanics for injury prevention of the therapist and client as well as utilize, demonstrate and instruct the client in self-care techniques.
  9. Identify and describe components of the body systems, how homeostasis is maintained, effects of massage on the differing systems and demonstrate safe movement through range of motion.