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Medical Administrative Assistant Program Learning Outcomes


  1. Perform health care office procedures that include scheduling, bookkeeping, billing and payment collection, utilizing a working knowledge of medical terminology, body systems, common medications, electronic health records and insurance.
  2. Educate, advocate for, and collaborate with patients and the health care team within the scope of practice.
  3. Compose, edit, proofread, and accurately produce health care and other business documents using appropriate software and equipment within specified timelines.
  4. Integrate computer and communication technologies, as well as critical thinking skills, to accomplish health care office tasks.
  5. Store, retrieve, distribute, and manage information and supplies as per clinic protocol.
  6. Uphold legal and ethical standards and adhere to principles of patient confidentiality within the health care and community environment as defined by HIPAA.
  7. Demonstrate professionalism through acceptable attitude, organization and time management skills, and attire.
  8. Apply verbal, nonverbal, and written communication principles and skills effectively and compassionately within a team setting.
  9. Maintain industry standards of quality control and safety principles in the workplace. 

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

AK 5 - Demonstrate the ability to adhere to personal and industry safety standards.  (Application of Knowledge)

COM 1 - Display understanding, compassion and acceptance.  (Communication)

PG 6 - Adhere to a strong work ethic and be able to negotiate and abide by the terms of agreement that defines one’s employment. (Personal Growth)