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Nursing Program Learning Outcomes


  1. Base personal and professional actions on a set of shared core nursing values, including social justice, caring, advocacy, protection from harm, respect for self and others, collegiality, and ethical behavior; notice, interpret, respond and reflect on ethical dilemmas using ethical principles and frameworks as a guideline.
  2. Develop insight through reflection, self-analysis, and self-care.
  3. Engage in intentional learning, developing self-awareness of learning and effects on client care, seeking new, relevant knowledge and skills.
  4. Demonstrate leadership in nursing and health care to meet client needs, improve the health care system, and facilitate community problem solving.
  5. Collaborate as part of a health care team, receiving, using and giving constructive feedback.
  6. Practice within, utilize, and contribute to the broader health care system.
  7. Practice relationship-centered care, based on empathy and caring, deep understanding of the care experience, and mutual trust and respect for the autonomy of the client.
  8. Communicate effectively and therapeutically, with attention to elements of cultural influences, and using appropriate modalities and technologies.
  9. Make sound clinical judgments through noticing, interpreting and responding, using best available evidence, frameworks and systems to organize data and knowledge; accurately perform skills while maintaining patient and personal safety.
  10. Locate, evaluate, and use the best available evidence.