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Pharmacy Technician Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Accurately implement physician orders by preparing, labeling and packaging medications while working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. 
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in assisting pharmacists in preparing, storing, and distributing medication products appropriate to a variety of pharmacy settings.
  3. Perform accurate pharmacy calculations and proficiently apply computer skills, record keeping and billing in adherence to applicable industry regulations. 
  4. Apply verbal, nonverbal, and written communication principles and skills effectively and compassionately within a team setting.  
  5. Uphold legal and ethical standards and adhere to principles of patient confidentiality within the health care and community environment as defined by HIPAA.
  6. Maintain industry standards of quality control and safety principles in the workplace.
  7. Demonstrate professionalism through acceptable attitude, organization and time management skills, and attire.
  8. Prepare for the national pharmacy technician certification and licensure as required by State of Oregon Regulations.