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Course Guide: WR115

WR115 Shaw Class Readings

Letting in Light” by Patricia Raybon  |  Questions for “Letting in Light”

Love in the Classroom” by Al Zolynas | Questions for "Love in the Classroom"

Two Views of the Mississippi” by Mark Twain | Questions for "Two Views of the Mississippi"

The Whistle” by Benjamin Franklin | Questions for "The Whistle"

"Young People Cop to It: Technology Is Bad for Us" Michael Malone | Questions for “Young People Cop to It: Technology Is Bad for Us”

Politically incorrect? Or master strategists? Try both” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Time Sept 2016) | Questions for "Politically Incorrect?"

"Commencement Address" Verne Underwood | Questions for "Commencement Address"

Available from RCC Library’s EBSCOhost database:

Wimbledon Has Sent Me a Message: I’m Only a Second-Class Champion” Venus Williams, The Times June 2006 | Questions for "Wimbleton Has Sent Me a Message"

Why (almost) Everyone Is Embracing the Digital Doctor” Alexandra Sifferlin | Questions for “Why (almost) Everyone Is Embracing the Digital Doctor

Short Stories from Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg (PG) is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, to "encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks."  It was founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart and is the oldest digital library. Most of the items in its collection are the full texts of public domain books. These items are free and can be read online or downloaded.  As of February 2017, Project Gutenberg has over 53,000 items in its collection.

The project is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the fifteenth century German printer who propelled the  moving type printing press revolution.

Project Gutenberg

These works are proofread for errors and published by trustworthy publishers.  Many include images. These stories can be read online or can be downloaded in various formats.

Please copy and paste your selected short story into a Word document, using either the HTML or Plain Text.  Please edit out the copyright license information at the end of each story.  Also, please check and make sure you are only printing ONE story and not the complete collection of stories that many of the books contain.  We appreciate your efforts in saving paper.           
Thank you.


Short Stories from other online sources

Please use the links below to access short stories from other online sources.