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Course Guide: WR121


These library databases consist primarily of articles published in journals, magazines and newspapers. The focus of the articles is usually very narrow so what they are good for is finding more specific information to "flesh out" whatever general information you found on your topic.

All EBSCO Databases
The complete list of databases provided by EBSCO. Many are subject specific so select the database(s) most appropriate to your research.

All Gale Databases
Most databases are similar to those provided by EBSCO but may contain some articles full-text from different sources. Also has specialized databases that RCC subscribes to.

Criminal Justice Periodicals Database (Proquest)
Law enforcement, criminal justice, psychology and social issues.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context (Gale)
Essays on current, controversial issues. Pro/con debate. Statistics, news & articles.

CQ Researcher
Comprehensive, single-topic reports offering in-depth, non-biased coverage of political and social issues.

Films on Demand

Google Tools

Google Advanced Search

Google Books
A digital book collection from several major libraries.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar allows you to search scholarly publications.
Many of the articles you find in Google Scholar are not full-text. However, you may be able to obtain entire articles though interlibrary loan. Ask a reference librarian if you have questions about this process.

Water Crisis Bibliographies

clean water pouring into a glassList of sources students can choose from for Beurkens' WR121 research paper assignment.

Bottled Water Bibliography

Desalination Bibliography

Drinking Water Bibliography

Water as a Commodity Bibliography

Water and Fossil Fuels Bibliography

MLA Resources

Beurkens MLA Template

Beurkens MLA PowerPoint

Reference Databases

A reference article provides a definition, summary, or overview, rather than the more in-depth and narrow examination of a topic found in research articles. Reference articles are generally written by experts, fact-checked, and edited.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia
General Encyclopedia

Wikipedia is not a scholarly source and should NOT be cited in your work. Use this resource as a tool to lead you to other credible sources. (click to read more about Wikipedia)


library course guides for research
Need Help? Contact a Librarian.

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MLA Style Help

MLA Style Page


RCC's Turnitin

Pro/Con Sources

Opposing Viewpoints In Context (Gale)
Essays on current, controversial issues. Pro/con debate. Statistics, news & articles.

CQ Researcher
In-depth reports of current controversial topics.