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How do I borrow textbooks?

Sam the Skeleton borrowing textbooks from the libraryFirst step…get your library card.  Go to the Account page and register online from the library catalog.

Second…visit the check-out desk at your campus library.  Reserve Rooms are located behind the desks and we are happy to hook you up with the text for your class.

Fast Fact: You can search the online catalog for textbooks by typing in the course number.  For instance…WR121.  Don’t worry if you don’t see what you are looking for.  We are always taking requests for purchase and adding textbooks to the collection.

Third…check out the book.

Fourth…remember to return by due date and time since Reserve Room items accrue overdue fines at 25 cents per HOUR!

Fast Fact:  Items that are not returned will be billed to your account.  Unpaid fines and fees are reported to a collection agency.  Once the item is returned, your bill is reduced to just the overdue charge and the collection agency fee.  Come see us and we’ll get you all squared away.