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Open Educational Resource (OERs) Textbooks

Open Educational Resources - OER - Textbooks logoOpen Educational Resources are instruction materials that are free to use and repurpose, either because they’ve been licensed for open use or because they’re in the public domain. Instructors can adopt an openly-licensed textbook as is or modify it, rewriting content and remixing chapters to better suit instructional outcomes. Students can access a digital copy of the textbook for free or purchase a print copy for a low cost.

OER Adoption Timeline

Get departmental approval
Let the Bookstore know that you’re considering changing your textbook
Explore and evaluate resources
Select resource(s)
Notify Bookstore of textbook change (at least two terms before planned adoption)


Adapting or Creating

Review accessibility Choose accessible platform
Create book file (if necessary) Modify resource
License your work
Review accessibility
Create PDF
Create book file
Submit Bookstore order
Submit no-cost/low-cost textbook designation

Speak with your department head to get approval and confirm that another effort isn’t already in progress. Then let the Bookstore know that you’re considering switching to an OER, as this is important for textbook inventory management. And email the Library, as we can help you navigate the process and assist with finding resources and tools.

Many OERs are available in both ebook format and print. You can embed a PDF in Blackboard or provide students with a link to the ebook. If a textbook is not yet in print but a PDF is available, low-cost print copies can easily be created. Contact the Library for more information on how to do this.

If you find a textbook that meets your needs, contact the Bookstore. For a Fall term adoption, let the Bookstore know you’re making a change by the end of Winter term. OERs can be easily modified over time, but the Bookstore requires that print versions be changed no more than once a year.

If you find a resource you want to modify, contact the Library for information on tools and platforms. You’ll also need to license your work and ensure it meets accessibility standards.

To discuss other options for your class contact:

Riverside (Medford) Campus: 541-245-7522
Redwood (Grants Pass) Campus: 541-956-7153
Table Rock (White City) Campus: 541-245-7820



Fast Fact: Instructors can place textbooks and other items in the Reserve Room for use by students in a particular class. Give us a call to find out more!  541-956-7152