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Turnitin for Students

Turn It In website

Turnitin is an online software program that can detect potential plagiarism in your essay.  You submit your essay and the program compares your text against text found in Turnitin's database of web pages, articles, and other student papers.

Get Started

  1. Use the class ID number and enrollment password supplied by your instructor to create an account with Turnitin.  

Fast Fact:  To upload your file you’ll click on  the “Submit” button to open the browse for file options.

  1. Upload your document and the program will generate an Originality Report and display a Similarity Index in the form of a percentage.

Fast Fact:  Note "matches" from Turnitin do NOT distinguish between text that has been properly cited or plagiarized. In other words, a "match" does  NOT automatically mean it is plagiarism.

Turnitin Instructions - Student Handout

Match found!  Now what?

The Originality Report displays your essay with highlighted text or “matches.”  It can only highlight word-for-word text that matches the text already found within Turnitin’s database.

The Similarity Index is the percentage of how many matches were found.  This not necessarily a sign of plagiarism, just the percentage of material that matched against the database. 

Take a closer look at the highlighted text to determine if the “match” is ONE of the following:

  • a properly cited quotation
  • an incorrectly cited quotation (missing quotation marks, missing in-text citation, etc.)
  • a commonly used word string or bibliographic information (e.g., “the Constitution of the United States” or a citation from their Works Cited or References page)
  • plagiarism—(copied text from somebody else’s work)

For more information contact:
Riverside (Medford) Campus: 541-245-7522
Redwood (Grants Pass) Campus: 541-956-7153
Table Rock (White City) Campus: 541-245-7820

For RCC faculty, please refer to Turnitin for Faculty


Fast Fact: Take the extra step of looking at the highlighted areas (matches) to determine if it is plagiarism or not.