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Class Schedule

Department: Science
Term: Summer 2019/20

Course #Name of CourseDaysTimeInstructorPlaceCr.Tuition*Sec. #Notes
RWC, Redwood Campus, Grants Pass
BI211General Biology I Tu Th 11AM - 1250AMBlinkhorn, Mary AnnRWC-E64$448.00011
BI211AGeneral Biology I A Lab Tu Th 130PM - 320PMBlinkhorn, Mary AnnRWC-E50$0.0001
BI211BGeneral Biology I B Lab Tu Th 9AM - 1050AMBlinkhorn, Mary AnnRWC-E50$0.0001
BI231Anatomy and Physiology I Tu Th 1130AM - 120PMVan Brunt, James (Jim)RWC-CH74$448.00011
BI231AAnatomy and Physiology I A Lab Tu Th 9AM - 1050AMKerr, ErinRWC-E30$0.0001
Anatomy and Physiology I B Lab Tu Th 130PM - 320PMKerr, ErinRWC-E30$0.0001
BI233Anatomy and Physiology III Tu Th 6PM - 750PMVan Brunt, James (Jim)RWC-CH74$448.00011
BI233AAnatomy and Physiology III A Lab Tu Th 8PM - 950PMSmith, HelaineRWC-E30$0.0001
BI233BAnatomy and Physiology III B Lab Tu Th 4PM - 550PMSmith, HelaineRWC-E30$0.0001
ENV111Introduction to Environmental Science Tu Th 1PM - 250PMMoulton, GlenRWC-G23$336.00012
Regional Field Geology: Geology and Geomorphology of Southern Oregon CoastFr Sa Su 0AM - 0AMStrickler, MikeTBA4$448.00013
RVC, Riverside Campus, Medford
BI121Elementary Anatomy and Physiology I Tu Th 130PM - 320PMRobinson, Eveline (Evelyn)HEC-1124$448.00R11
Elementary Anatomy and Physiology I Lab A Tu Th 330PM - 520PMRobinson, Eveline (Evelyn)HEC-3140$0.00R1
BI121BElementary Anatomy and Physiology I Lab B Tu Th 530PM - 720PMRobinson, Eveline (Evelyn)HEC-3140$0.00R1
BI211General Biology I Mo We 6PM - 750PMRobinson, Eveline (Evelyn)HEC-1124$448.00R11
BI211AGeneral Biology I A Lab Mo We 8PM - 950PMRobinson, Eveline (Evelyn)HEC-3140$0.00R1
BI211BGeneral Biology I B Lab Mo We 4PM - 550PMRobinson, Eveline (Evelyn)HEC-3140$0.00R1
BI232Anatomy and Physiology II Tu Th 6PM - 750PMJarvie, NoahHEC-1124$448.00R11
BI232AAnatomy and Physiology II A Lab Tu Th 8PM - 950PMJarvie, NoahHEC-3120$0.00R1
Anatomy and Physiology II B Lab Tu Th 4PM - 550PMJarvie, NoahHEC-3120$0.00R1
CHEM104Introductory Chemistry I Mo We 9AM - 1050AMManhat, BethHEC-1125$560.00R14
CHEM104AIntroductory Chemistry I A Lab We 1130AM - 320PMManhat, BethHEC-3120$0.00R1
CHEM104RIntroductory Chemistry I Recitation Mo 11AM - 1210AMManhat, BethHEC-1120$0.00R1
Physical Science: Oceanography Tu Th 9AM - 1050AMAlexander (Kezer), CorrieHEC-3204$448.00R11
Physical Science: Oceanography A Lab Tu Th 11AM - 1250AMAlexander (Kezer), CorrieHEC-3190$0.00R1
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
BI100SBBiology of Human Body Systems TBA0AM - 0AMVan Brunt, James (Jim)WEB3$336.00015, 6
BI101Introduction to Biology I TBA0AM - 0AMAlexander (Kezer), CorrieWEB4$448.00015, 1, 7, 8
BI101AIntroduction to Biology I A Lab TBA0AM - 0AMAlexander (Kezer), CorrieWEB0$0.00017
BI101BIntroduction to Biology I B Lab TBA0AM - 0AMAlexander (Kezer), CorrieWEB0$0.00015, 7
GS104Physical Science (Physics) TBA0AM - 0AMRittenbach, James (Dusty)WEB4$448.00015, 1, 8
GS104APhysical Science (Physics) A Lab TBA0AM - 0AMRittenbach, James (Dusty)WEB0$0.00015
GS104BPhysical Science (Physics) B Lab TBA0AM - 0AMRittenbach, James (Dusty)WEB0$0.00015
NFM225Nutrition TBA0AM - 0AMPeterkin, KarenWEB4$448.00018, 5
NFM225Nutrition TBA0AM - 0AMPeterkin, KarenWEB4$448.00025, 8
  1. Students must enroll in the lab with the same section number as the lecture for which they are registering.
  2. There will be a mandatory field trip, date to be announced. See instructor for details.
  3. Mandatory orientation for all participating students is July 12, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., at Redwood Campus, E building, room 6. Class includes a three-day camping trip and field experience, July 19-21. Travel will be by personal vehicle (proof of insurance required). Additional funds needed for gas, food and lodging. Class will also meet at a later date to turn in projects.
  4. Students must enroll in lab and recitation with the same section numbers as the lecture for which they are registering.
  5. Offered as a Web-based class over the Internet. Information about Web-based classes and required orientations are at All online teachers expect students to participate in the class during the first week of the term. Check the syllabus and course orientation to find out what the teacher expects and by when. Students not participating during the first week may be subject to administrative drop.
  6. Distance learning fee of $30, in addition to regular tuition, will be assessed.
  7. Students must purchase a lab kit for this course that will cost approximately $179. Contact the instructor for ordering information.
  8. Distance learning fee of $40, in addition to regular tuition, will be assessed.