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Student Testimonials

Bella with Rogue Climate with finished screen print
Isabella Ruikis
Associate of General Studies
Sustainable Community Development Focus Award

Rogue Climate Volunteer
Campaign to Stop the Pacific Connector Fracked Gas Pipeline & Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal. Recruited impacted landowners to workshops, hosted screen printing event, and launched a new student group here at RCC.

“This experience has equipped me with a strong introduction to environmental organizing in multiple facets. The many skills I learned can best be summarized in the preparation for my last week of the term…I led a Rogue Climate Volunteer Night and also held an RCC No LNG Interest meeting (from which a new student group was formed).

I learned how to draft a bold, readable, and catchy T-shirt design in a format that is compatible with printing screens…had the privilege of learning the basics of photo-emulsion screen-printing. Making this connection was extremely beneficial and not something I expected to learn. This useful information will help me navigate the art world of activism more efficiently…this experience has left me feeling more equipped to navigate the world of environmental justice, but I have so much more to learn.”

Bella with Rogue Climate working on screen printBella with Rogue Climate with her finished screen print

Leland Sanchez
Leland Sanchez, TRiO SSS Student
Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer

ACCESS – The Community Action Agency for Jackson County
Volunteer for Mobile Food Pantry, Community Garden, and Misc. Office Projects

“My initial expectations were to volunteer in several different positions at ACCESS and get a better understanding, hands on, how such organizations work with their volunteers to get things done. Upon completing SRV101, I can say that I did indeed get this out of the course, and have a better understanding of why volunteer work is important to the community. I understood it intellectually but now I understand it with my hands.

SRV101 taught me how to better communicate with volunteer coordinators of organizations (and in some cases, how to communicate at all). SRV101 showed me the value of knowing Spanish and my continued education of learning the language. SRV101 showed me the value of journaling for the class, and continued journaling for future volunteering. SRV101 showed me the value of an education. If I’m to be a significant community leader, I need to have an education.”

Leland Sanchez on the farmACCESS- Medford's Food Share Garden

Cheryl Olsen Asante Ashland Community Hospital volunteer
Cheryl Olsen, TRiO SSS Student
Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer

Asante Ashland Community Hospital Volunteer

“Because of my service learning, I can help people feel more welcome and comfortable in the hospital setting. I know all too well how it feels to be nervous before a surgery, or how it feels to be worried about a loved one who has had surgery. With the help of volunteers like me, the hospital visit can be less stressful, especially if the guest feels lost and needs help finding their way around.”

Jake and Zoey at Earth Day Celebration
Jake Brindle & Zoey Spiker
Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer
Sustainable Community Development Focus Award

RCC Earth Day 2018 Event Planners/Volunteers

“The most substantial projects I worked on were writing the Ad Hoc proposals for both the RVC and RWC campuses to get approval for the events and all that they would entail. I’ve never written a formal committee request before and was fortunate to have guidance from Erika Giesen on what should be included and how to format the proposals. And her editing was really helpful. I also received assistance from Dorothy Swain and Kevin Culhane on what to request for the events, and Ellen Jacobs and Amy Durst were also a great help in guiding me through the process of submitting the proposals.” ~ Jake Brindle

“I have had the pleasure of working with RCC’s Green Team in planning RCC’s Earth Day event. Through this experience, I was able to work with teachers, student government, local businesses and the school to organize what I hope will be an extraordinary event. I learned a lot while being a part of this process including how to appropriately contact organizations, how to present my ideas to a group and how to organize a large event. Many of these skills I will hopefully be able to apply later in life to my chosen career path.” ~ Zoey Spiker

Earth Day festivitiesEarth Day at RCC spring 2018

Rebeccka Regan Rogue Climate Volunteer
Rebecka Regan
Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer
Sustainable Community Development Focus Award

Rogue Climate Volunteer

“This week I did my first clip-board canvassing at the Ashland Farmer's Market. It was very different from phone banking last week since we were confronting people literally face to face with the issues surrounding the Jordan Cove LNG pipeline proposed to go through Southern Oregon. Being someone who is shy, this was challenging for me to walk up to strangers and spark a conversation about such a serious socio-environmental and political issue. Asserting myself gave me a sense of empowerment like I was truly helping our community become aware of what is happening with the LNG pipeline. I learned about active and passive recruitment, which correlated nicely with my previous Environmental and Society class I took in Winter Term.”

Heather Hanson TRiO SSS student
Heather Hanson, TRiO SSS Student
Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer
Sustainable Community Development Focus Award

Wildlife Images Volunteer

“I worked with Kim on making baskets that will house orphaned birds, as they will soon be receiving an influx of them now that it is Spring.  There were laundry baskets for larger baby bird species, and smaller ones for song birds.  I had to cut mesh rectangles that fit the sides of the baskets and attach them with a waterproof silicone adhesive to each side of the basket, so that the birds cannot stick their heads through the holes and possibly become stuck.  Kim said they were experimenting with the silicone, as all other adhesives they used did not hold up to being sanitized with bleach and water. 

I was also shown the food prep area; they receive donations from Fred Meyer of fruit, vegetables, and meat that is close to being expired.  Staff and volunteers then sort through the food to ensure it is still good to feed to the animals and store them in refrigerators and freezers… Isn't that wonderful about Fred Meyer?  It's discouraging to hear about all the food that is wasted in the US, so I was happy to hear this is one way to reduce some of that waste while supporting a non-profit.”

bear at wildlife imagesa tour at wildlife images

Carolina Calderon Table Rock Fellowship
Carolina Calderon
Medical Assistant Certificate, SOHOPE

Table Rock Fellowship Food and Clothing Pantry
Volunteer with son, Damian Jesser

“It's a group effort to work in the pantry.  Dispensing the food is like an assembly line, there is about seven different positions and everybody adds one item to the bag depending on what is needed or requested. This week we set up the snack table. I mostly helped in the clothing room, sorting, hanging and taking clothes out to the floor. I do some interacting with clients, I sometimes watch the door and hand out bags depending on how many family members in each group. Damian helps with toys, children shoes, clean up and takes the bag full of donations to the garage. I'm extremely proud of my son on how serious he takes his job. It is rewarding that we can volunteer together.”

clothing for the fellowshipvolunteering with her son at the food pantry

Tim Pillman for the Nature Conservancy
Tim Pillman, Business Technology

The Nature Conservancy Volunteer

“This week I worked with the site coordinator Molly, the site steward, Sara, and 7 volunteers mapping endangered Meadowfoam patches, specifically Large Flower Meadowfoam, at Rogue River Plains Preserve. I used Juno GPS mapping and paper maps to navigate and make notations for where the plant was present, confirming known areas, as well as searching out new growths. During that time, I worked with one volunteer who did not have any devices or maps and we covered a quarter of the area that was looked at that day. We found two new areas as well as expanded the boundaries on a small patch…The mapping I do prepares the work parties that get these invasive species out.. I think the value of bringing awareness to these ecological issues is worthwhile for getting RCC students to sign on.”

From Molly Morison, SW Oregon Preserves Manager, Email Newsletter to Group:
“Despite a few showers last week, Thursday Crew volunteers Fran, Bill, George, Marge, Tim and Kevin counted, dug and mapped a large area of invasive curly dock at Whetstone Savanna Preserve – thanks for persevering!  We are lucky to have a new volunteer Tim, a Rogue Community College student, join us for the spring quarter as part of the RCC Service Learning Program. Tim quickly learned how to use our Juno Trimble GPS unit and really helped speed up our mapping!”

Marge and GeorgeFran and Billkevin helps out

Bryan Simpson riding for the US Veterans Motorcycle Club
Bryan Simpson, Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer
Sustainable Community Development Focus Award
RCC Outstanding Student Veteran Award 2018

Volunteer/Club Organizer for U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club - Oregon Chapter

“I started this organization because I saw Veterans that were falling through the cracks of the system that’s in place, and I wanted to do something to help them. I struggled when I came back home from war, so I do understand where a lot of these Veterans are coming from in the sense of not wanting to be a part of society. If it wasn’t for my wife I would be on the street for sure and I could only hope that there would be someone out there willing to help me when I needed it most.

“…When I started this club, all I wanted to do was raise the money and become a non-profit organization. Now looking back on it, that was such small thinking. Now I want to become an asset for Veterans here in Southern Oregon. Because of Service Learning, I learned I want more for my Club than just to be a non-profit, I want for us to be the go to organization for Veterans.”

erecting a new flag at the Harley Davidson store Photo:  U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club honorably retiring our nation's colors flying at D&S Harley Davidson, will replace with a new set.

The U.S. Veterans Motorcycle Club is a group of Veteran Biker Brothers who served honorably as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Joining a strong rooted nationwide Motorcycle Club, we stood up the first chapter to come to Oregon in February 2018. We are a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping the Veterans of Oregon.

Ben Evens, URCEO
Benjamin Evans
Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer
Sustainable Community Development Focus Award

Volunteer, Upper Rogue Center for Educational Opportunities (URCEO)

“I have been a volunteer of Eagle Point School District 9 and have been focusing my volunteer hours at Upper Rogue Center for Educational Opportunities (URECO). Here I have been labeled the Career and College Readiness Coach. Most of what I have done at URCEO has been helping students who want to go to college find the school that is right for them, and help them through the enrollment process from start to finish. In the last eight weeks, I have helped nine students apply for admission, complete their FAFSA, schedule placement tests at RCC, start filling out scholarship applications, and make sure all students going to college have applied for the Oregon Promise Grant.

Having the experience of helping students realize college is an option for them, and seeing firsthand the help students need and the struggles they go through, has solidified that I must have a career in education. When I started this term, I was planning on being a teacher or administrator. Now my plan has changed a little. I want to start my career on the ground level as a Disciplinarian or Counselor of some sort. I want to be the person who helps students who are struggling, who lets kids know someone cares about them, who shows kids they are accepted and loved for who they are. I want to make a difference in creating a safer more inclusive culture in schools where every student is treated with the dignity they deserve.”

Ben Evans volunteer for Upper Rogue Center for Educational Opportunities