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Social Science Careers

Instructor Manny Pacheco

Are you wondering where a degree in Social Science can take you?

Opportunities are everywhere with an education in the social sciences. Listed below are just a few of the career directions you may choose.  Please be aware that some of these careers require additional degrees (bachelor’s degree or higher) and certifications.

Aging Studies
Careers: financial planning, housing, nursing, nutrition, activities director, counseling, creative arts, industrial and product design, travel programs, social work, education, law, pharmacy, retirement planning, transportation, architectural services, banking, public relations/media, area planning and Coordination

Employers: federal, state and local government agencies, hospice, area agencies on aging, AARP, university research institutes, direct service agencies serving the needs of the elderly, marketing firms, architectural firms, travel agencies

Careers: economist, financial analyst, bank officer, appraiser, financial reporter, investment analyst, consultant in business or government, auditor, teacher or professor

Employers: banks and financial institutions, large firms, insurance companies, research firms, brokerage houses, government agencies, schools or colleges

Environmental Studies
Careers: ecologist or environmental manager, water resources or land use planner, forestry technician, industrial developer, hazardous waste planner

Employers: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Forest Service, National Park Service, planning agencies, business consultants, schools and colleges

Careers: cartographer, travel agent, geographic information systems, market researcher, international business, satellite/aerial photo analyst, emergency hazards management, location analyst

Employers: federal, state, and local government, real estate developers, school boards, map and atlas companies, planning agencies, business consultants, airline or trucking firms, schools and colleges, utilities

International Affairs
Careers: foreign service officer, economic developer, intelligence analyst, political risk analyst, research and educational assistant, journalist

Employers: U.S. government (State, Defense, Intelligence), state government, multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, international organizations, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, educational institutions

Interdisciplinary Social Science
Careers: social studies teacher, management trainee, research analyst, probation officer, federal service worker, legislative aide, assistant planner, administrator, public agencies and government

Employers: public school systems, federal agencies, city and county planning departments, large corporations, state agencies (youth services, family services, natural resources)

Political Science
Careers: political history archivist, public and private researcher, urban planner, customs agent or inspector, labor relations specialist, governmental relations,pre-law, veterans' claims representative, foreign service officer, pollster, lobbyist, political aide

Employers: federal, state, local government; schools and colleges, corporations, media, political action committees, civic and taxpayer associations, regional planning councils, political party headquarters and candidates/campaigns

Public Administration
Careers: manager of wide range of government organizations, manager of nonprofit organizations, management analyst, program evaluator, purchasing specialist, HRM specialist, budget specialist, emergency management specialist, policy researcher

Employers: national, state, local, and international government organizations; nonprofit organizations, courts, legislatures, policy research organizations, private businesses, especially government contractors

Careers: criminologist, community organizer, corrections officer, market research analyst, statistician, opinion pollster, management trainee, government agencies at all levels, industrial sociologist, child welfare, case worker, demographer

Employers: schools and colleges, governmental agencies, mental health agencies, court system, welfare agencies, large corporations, community agencies, financial institutions