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Computer Labs

Question: How do I logon to a lab computer?

Answer: Every student who is registered for classes has an account. Your username and password are different than for logging into myRogue (though you can change your myRogue to match).

Username:  firstname.lastname.last4 of student ID

Do not use more than the first 20 characters for the username. If your name exceeds 20 characters, remove the extra numbers, letters and dots; from right to left. If the 20th character is a dot, remove it.

Password:    Zero plus full student ID number (no hyphens). Example: 01234567. After logging in the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. 

Note: If you registered before Winter term 2016, its very likely that your first time password will be just your student ID number with no leading zero.

If you don’t know your Student ID number you can view it on the “Printable Student's Schedule” page within myRogue.

Question: How do I activate my computer lab logon if I can't come to campus?

Answer: Some resources like the Library access to EBSCOHost from off campus require students to logon with their computer labs credentials. Student can activate their lab logon from off campus by logging into myRogue using their RCC Student ID and password (which is different than their labs logon). Once logged into Student Resources:

  1. In the upper right hand corner, next to logged in as, click the user name.
  2. On the next screen, click Change Student Labs Password.
  3. On the next screen new students will see their computer labs username and can enter the default new user password in the old password box (zero plus full student ID number (no hyphens). Example: 01234567), and then a password of their choosing, twice in the next two boxes.
  4. Then click Update and the lab/network account will be activated and usable as if the student completed the first time logon process on campus, in a lab.

Question: What’s my password?

Answer: Only you know your password. If you do not know your password you may request a new one at the computer lab. If it is your first time logging on, see question/answer number 1, "How do I logon to a computer?"

To change your password you can go to the “Change Student Lab Password” information located in myRogue.

Student Email

Question: How do I get a student e-mail address?

Answer: Every registered student is assigned an e-mail address.

Question: What is my student e-mail address?

Answer: Your student e-mail address is your firstname.lastname.last 4 of your student ID

If you do not know what your username is you can find your student email address in the upper right corner of the screen when you log in to your myRogue account. Check your email at

Question: How do I access my e-mail?

Answer: You can access your e-mail from the internet using this website: The website will open a new window where you will log in with your student email address:

firstname.lastname.last 4 of your student ID

Please note that unlike you lab login, you will use all of your firstname, lastname and student ID even if it is more than 20 characters. Your email password may be different from your computer lab logon password. Though the usernames look similar, they are two separate accounts. Your email account is also separate from your myRogue account; although myRogue says you can log in with your student email address, the passwords may be different.

Password:  Zero plus full student ID number (no hyphens). Example: 01234567. After logging in the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. 

If you don’t know your Student ID number you can view it on the “Printable Student's Schedule” page within myRogue.

BRAND NEW STUDENTS will not have access to their student e-mail until the term starts.

Question: What if I forgot my email password?

Answer: You can request a password reset by visiting the following website: The website will open in a new window.

  • Click the link: Can't access your account? 
  • Enter your User ID (student email address) and the CAPTCHA text and click the Next button.
    firstname.lastname.last 4 of your student ID number
  • You will get a message that says "We're sorry...You can't reset your password because password reset isn't turned on for your account."
  • Further down in the message, there is a link, "You must contact your administrator to turn on password reset for your account." Click this link.
  • RCC admins will be notified of your password reset request. They will send password reset information to the alternate email address you have on file (should be listed in your myRogue). Please check that alternate email for password reset instructions.

NOTE: Passwords are reset by admins Mon-Fri (8AM-5PM); during these hours, it could take up to an hour to receive your temporary password. We are working on an automated, 24/7 solution; check back here for updated instructions as they may change in the future.


Question: How do I log into myRogue (formerly Student Resources)?

Answer: To log into myRogue you will need to know:

  • Your username, student ID number, or your SSN (this is not the same as your computer labs/email login)
  • Your password

The first time you log in, your Password will be either your birthday month and day (MMDD), or whatever password you chose if you completed an Admission application. Once logged in, you may customize your password. For further help logging into myRogue, you will need to visit/contact Student Services/Rogue Central, as computer lab staff are unable to change/reset this login. 

Reminder: Your MyRogue login credentials are separate from your computer labs login and your student email logins.

BlackBoard (Rogue Online)

Question: How do I log into BlackBoard?

Answer: Your BlackBoard ID is your 7 digit student ID number. Your password will be the same as your myRogue password. Do not create a new account on the Rogue Online site. When you register for a class or classes Rogue Online automatically creates your account for you.


Question: I’ve heard I can get a student discount on Microsoft Office, or get it for free. How do I do that?

Answer: Your RCC student email account comes with free access to Microsoft Office 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) that you can use online or download to your computer.

To access these apps online, log in to your student email at

  • Within your email, click the Apps menu (the grid of nine dots in the upper left corner).
  • The side menu will open. From here, you can choose an app to use online.

To download the programs to your computer, log in to your student email at

  • Within your email, click the Apps menu (the grid of nine dots in the upper left corner).
  • The side menu will open. Directly across from the nine dots, click “Office 365→"
  • You will be taken to the Office 365 welcome page.
  • At the top right corner, click the button that says “Install Office.”
  • Choose the first option from the dropdown (Office 365 apps) and follow the directions.

Contacts (Computer Labs):

If you have any further questions or need assistance with log in problems or e-mail please contact one of the following Computer Labs.

Redwood Campus
Coates Hall
Riverside Campus
Building B
Table Rock Campus
Room 125

Contacts (Rogue Online):

If you have any questions or problems with Rogue Online please contact the Rogue Online helpdesk.


Josephine County:
Jackson County:
Toll Free:
1-800-411-6508 x.7514