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Student Email


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RCC Online Services for Students

Question: How do I log on to online RCC services for students?

Answer: Please See - How do I get a student email address?

Computer Labs

Question: How do I logon to a lab computer?

Answer: You will log in using your student email account and password (Username: You can use the whole email address or just the first part before the @ symbol, up to 20 characters). Every student who is registered for credit classes has a student email account. Please see the Student Email section below for more information.

Student Email

Question: How do I get a student email address?

Answer: When you apply too RCC, you are assigned an RCC student email address. For email, the college uses Microsoft Office365. Your RCC email and password will be used to sign in to multiple RCC services, including your RCC student email. At this time, your email credentials are used to log in to your RCC student email/Office365 cloud apps, Blackboard (RogueOnline) for online classes, the RCC Bookstore, the RCC Foundation Scholarship Universe, RCC Access and Disability Resources (AIM), RCC's New Student Online Orientation, and the lab computers. Please see the next section for information on determining your RCC student email address.

Please note: While you can use your email address as the username for RCC’s MyRogue, your email account password is not tied to MyRogue. Please see How do I log into myRogue?

Question: What is my student email address?

Answer: You can find your RCC provided email address from within your myRogue. Simply log in and look to the upper right hand corner. Just under the Online Student Resources title, your email address will be listed.

RCC email from within myRogue

In general

If you were ever a student prior to June 19, 2020 or after Dec. 11th, 2020, your student email address is:
For example: ossie.osprey.4567

The default password is zero+StudentID, for example 01234567.
Depending on when you registered, you may be prompted to change your password on first logon, if you are not, you should reset your password as soon as possible to a more secure password. To change your password, go to:, once logged in select Security & privacy from the left hand menu and then click Change My Password on the right side of the screen. Once changed, you can then click the nine dot square pattern icon in the top left and select Outlook to be taken to your email.

If you enrolled between June 19, 2020 and December 11, 2020, your student email address is:
or firstname.lastnameunique#

For example: ossie.osprey@ or (if there was already a student named Ossie Osprey in the system) ossie.osprey1@ (this information was provided to you when you created an account).
The default password is zero+StudentID, for example 01234567, you should reset your password as soon as possible to a more secure password.

  • If you do not remember your password, or the default password does not work, follow the prompt on the login screen that says "Forgot my password." If you receive a message that you are unable to reset your own password, click the link to "contact your administrator." (See "What if I forgot my email password?")
  • If you do not know your student email address, or cannot locate your email address from within your myRogue, computer lab staff can assist you in determining your email. See CONTACTS (COMPUTER LABS).

Question: How do I access my email?

Answer: You can access your email at The website will open a new window where you will log in with your student email address. (Computers in labs have a link to student email on the desktop).

Question: What if I forgot my email password?

Answer: Remember, your email password is the same for your Blackboard, RCC Bookstore, and computer lab login. If you still can’t remember and need to reset:

  1. Login to your myRogue
  2. Next to Forgot student email password? Click, Click here to reset (as shown in example below)
  3. Follow the direction to enter a new password.
    Online Student Resources sample

Other Options:

Please visit: (Clicking the link will open the website in a new window). Click the Can't access your account? (Link may also say “forgot password”)

In most cases you may be able to simply follow the instructions to reset your password yourself (you must have first logged in and provided more information to Microsoft for password self-reset to be enabled).

Occasionally, if you have not first logged in and setup password self-reset information or you are an alumni student, you will get a message that says, "We're sorry...You cannot reset your password at this time because your administrator has not configured your account to use password reset...Please contact your admin..."

Further down in the message, there is a link, "If you'd like, we can contact an administrator in your organization to reset your password for you." Click this link.

The admins will be notified of your password reset request and will manually reset your password for you. They will send password reset information to the alternate email address you have on file with RCC/Student Registration (should be listed in your myRogue>My Information). Please check that alternate email for password reset instructions. Reply emails will contain the subject “RE: Request to Reset Microsoft Online Services Password for…” and will be sent from a email account, if you do not see our email in your inbox, please check your junk mail before contacting us for further help. Manual password resets are processed by Admins, Mon-Fri (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.), excluding holidays and college closure days.

Question: How do I forward my RCC email to my personal email?

Answer: Follow the instructions in this video below.


Question: How do I log into myRogue?

Answer: Go to The username for myRogue will be your student ID number (you may also use your student email address, though it will not use the same password as your student email account) and the myRogue password you had before July 1, 2020. If you don't remember your password, or if you're new to RCC since summer term 2020 and prior to winter term 2020, please click "forgot your password?" to create a new password. Need extra help? Email or visit the myRogue Support page

BlackBoard (Rogue Online)

Question: How do I log into Blackboard?

Answer: Go to Your Blackboard login is your student email address and password (see Student Email section above). Your password is the same for your student email account, Blackboard, RCC Bookstore, and the lab computers.


Question: I’ve heard I can get a student discount on Microsoft Office, or get it for free. How do I do that?

Answer: Your RCC student email account comes with free access to Microsoft Office 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) that you can use online or download* to your computer.

To access these apps through your browser, log in to your student email at

  • Within your email, click the Apps menu (the grid of nine dots in the upper left corner).
  • The side menu will open. From here, you can choose an app to use online.

To download the programs to your computer, log in to your student email at

  • Within your email, click the Apps menu (the grid of nine dots in the upper left corner).
  • The side menu will open. Directly across from the nine dots, click “Office 365→"
  • You will be taken to the Office 365 welcome page.
  • At the top right corner, click the button that says “Install Office.”
  • Choose the first option from the dropdown (Office 365 apps) and follow the directions.
  • *You will only be allowed to download and use apps on your computer if you are a currently enrolled student. When you are no longer enrolled, you can continue to use your RCC student email and the Microsoft apps but only via the cloud/online in your browser.


Question: My question isn’t answered here/I have another issue.

Answer: We recognize that not all RCC technology, software, or lab issues you may experience are covered by this FAQ. For that reason, if you have other issues or questions you may contact the Instructional Technology Administrator for further assistance. Please be as descriptive of the issue as possible and include any screenshots of errors you receive. You will get a response as soon as possible. Email (Please use the subject line: My question isn’t answered here/I have another issue.)

  • Examples of other issues the Instructional Technology Administrator will be able to assist with:
    • I submitted a password reset request but have not yet received a reply.
    • I setup Password Self Service Reset for student email but the phone number/email I used is no longer in use by me.
    • I received a cryptic error when attempting to login to the RCC bookstore with my email account…
    • I think I have two different RCC student emails…which one should I use?
  • Examples of other issues the Instructional Technology Administrator CANNOT assist with:
    • Tutoring/assistance with software use at home or in computer labs (there is staff available in computer labs to assist).
    • Personal computer equipment use, troubleshooting, or software installation.
    • Registration help
    • Blackboard help
    • MyRogue help

Contacts (Computer Labs):

If you have any further questions or need assistance with login problems or email please contact one of the following Computer Labs. Please be aware that staff will only be available to answer your phone calls during open lab hours, see the Lab Hours page.

Redwood Campus
Coates Hall
Riverside Campus
Building B
Table Rock Campus
Room 125

Contacts (Rogue Online):

If you have any questions or problems with Rogue Online please contact the Rogue Online helpdesk.


Josephine County:
Jackson County: