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Police Written Exam Preparation

Fall term 2019:

11/12 – 11/21
6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

police written exam prep

Instructor: Janay Haas

police officer badgeDescription: Covers methods and practices to assist in successfully passing written examinations for employment in police departments. Class provides an overview of common test formats, methods to increase confidence under testing time constraints, best practices for studying, and ways to improve skills in reading, writing, spelling, math, analyzing math problems, observation and memory.

*Payment cannot be refunded once registration is completed. If RCC cancels a class for any reason, it will be refunded. Please be certain of your intent to complete class prior to registration.*

Instructor Janay Hass is a lawyer and a member of the Oregon and California bars. She has 25 years' experience as trainer of lawyers and police, with 12 years' experience teaching criminal justice, including technical writing. 

She says this about the class:

If you are thinking about a career in law enforcement, you probably already know that competition for these jobs can be fierce. In many departments, applicants must pass an agility test and demonstrate their maturity and mental fitness in a psychological exam and personal interviews.

These requirements are daunting, yes, but what you may not know is that before you get to these stages of your application, you have to take a written test of your skills in reading, writing, and reasoning. Such a test “weeds out” the majority of would-be agency applicants. (Even people already in the policing profession who want to transfer to a different agency may find their past test scores won’t qualify them for the new agency.) 

As with most tests, preparation makes a big difference. In this 10-hour training class, you can experience the kinds of questions you’ll see on most written police exams. You’ll also experience the testing environment, learning how to test effectively under time pressure. And you’ll get speedy feedback, the kind that has been proved to be most helpful to the learning process. You’ll even get a mock exam that will simulate the real thing.

With this training, you can feel more confident of your skills, and more confident in the testing room as you head toward your career goal in law enforcement.

Course Outline

For further class information phone 541-956-7303.

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