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Class Plan by Session - Bonsai

Class 1 – the Basics
This session is an introduction to the art of bonsai and the craft of ornamental pruning. You will learn details about what to look for as a potential bonsai and the basics of creating one. The principles of ornamental pruning larger shrubs and trees, with an emphasis on Japanese maples, rhododendrons and dwarf conifers will be demonstrated.

The first class day will focus on pruning principles and bonsai demonstration so you won’t need plants or pots until the second session, but you may bring plants and pots that you already have to the first session to find out if they will work.

Class 2 – Your Own Bonsai
There is no better way to learn than by doing it yourself! Bring your first project plant, as well as the tools on the list of materials needed. If you wish to purchase them on site, the instructor will have a variety of bonsai containers (including inexpensive plastic pots), as well as many kinds of trees for sale. Each class member will have the opportunity to get individual help from the instructor.
Class 3 – Your Own Bonsai (cont.)
In this session you will continue to work on your project from the previous workshop, with more one-on-one time with the instructor. You'll also learn how to create a grove of trees in a single pot.

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