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Karl Brake, Director of Galleries
Artist Statement

It has often been said that we are not human beings, but rather humans becoming. This point of stillness, of becoming, is perhaps the face of what we think of as our spirit, our non-material essence, the point at which memory, desire, suffering, and dreaming become realities. I have always aspired to embody that experiential site in the form of the human body, the image of our encounter with each other, nature, the universe, and, ultimately, ourselves. Over the past eight years or so, I have focused on landscape as expressing that fleeting, luxurious point of awareness. These works are meant to evoke both the natural world and our place in it through my very personal experiences of places dear and immutable to me. As we speak, the world speaks, as we move the world moves, and as we dream, the world dreams. These colors, lines, and images give form to this conversation that I hope to share with the viewer, with others, in some quiet moment.