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ART204 Into to Neolithic

In a time when mechanization, based on Newtonian and Cartesian philosophy, which separated mind from Nature, the ethics of power shifts form being in relationship to alienation from.

When the subjective world of spirit is considered a hindrance to search for truth. When intuition and feelings are sacrificed to dominant ego and material consumption, we have all but lost capacity to contact the non-physical realms of being human.

"We all belong to the same family. The earth is our mother. The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to earth. We love this earth as a child loves its mother's heart beat."

Chief Seattle

I don't know what you learned from books but the thing I learned from my grandfather was that there is a part of the mind that we don't really know about and that is the part that is most important in whether we become sick or remain well.

100-year-old Navajo

In the Neolithic time at the best, from the caves to early sites of civilization, communities and cultures created an important belief system.

Where highly developed ritual, art and myth bonded people to Nature the galaxy and beyond, a cosmological perspective. Interactive, not separate from.

  • Earth as a sentient being. We are its eyes, ears, and doers.
  • In oldest religions everything was alive, not supernaturally, but naturally alive. Idea that stone has power and their geological arrangement extends this force. The Megalithic cultures.
  • With the ability to recognize the magnetic influences of the earth and that which comes form the solar system and beyond.
  • Navigational skills and warnings of earth movements
  • Snow and rain dances
  • Information from beyond left brain analytical understanding.
  • Fixed stoves and finding lost things.
Introduction to Megalithic Culture 10,000 BC to 1, 000 BC

Large stone structures that recorded in mathematical language understandings about the earth's relationship to the celestial.

Megalithic structures are being discovered all around the world. These cultures recorded knowledge in their complexes, demonstrating an extraordinary understanding of the earth's relationship to the solar system establishing myth of divine influence and cycles of time.

Europe, England, North and South Americas, Egypt, Sumeria, the Far East and North to Central America.

The 26, 000 year cycle is based on the Earth's movements through the constellations of the Zodiac.

Introduction to Neolithic and Megalithic Art

12,000 — 10, 000 BC Mesolithic Period

  • Receding Ice, flooding, Columbia Gorge.
  • Migration of animals and people to the best places on the planet, by land and boat.

10, 000 — 3, 000 BC Neolithic

  • General warming, lush temperate climate.
  • Rising waters covers land bridge between Europe and England, North America and Asia
  • Africa and Europe become grassy plains with lush forests and abundances of wildlife.
  • Continuing migration of people and animals
  • Bow and Arrow, dogs and domesticated animals
  • Permanent settlements, Hybrid seeds.
  • Travel and trading across long distances.
  • Super nova
  • Atlantis
  • Pre old testament stories of divine influence.
  • Dualism of good and evil
  • Chariots of fire
  • The floods, Black Sea, pole shifts, no waterfalls over 10000 years old.
  • 3rd revelations at Salem

From hunting to gathering to permanent settlements. Pastoral and Husbandry cultures occurs at different times and places, depending on climate and resources.

The arts show new themes of the hunting and fighting each other. Organized religions, with good to bad deities.



  • Ice Ages are over
  • More leisure time, exercise of curiosity
  • Abundant food, shelter, and water.
  • Migratory, to permanent settlements


  • Egalitarian, equal value and worth to all things.
  • Social democracy or
  • Barbaric conditions


  • Pagan beliefs of life force being inherent in all things. Ritual and ceremony to celebrate.
  • Megalithic structures to empower non-physical forces.
  • Participate and manipulate a non-physical force, Mana.
  • Development of priest class.
  • First myths of divine influence.


  • Earth and solar system is continuous


  • The wheel in Europe and Eastern cultures.
  • Mathematics
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Weaving, textiles.

Physical Concerns:

  • Planting, harvesting
  • Regeneration of life

Metaphysical Concerns:

  • Being part of a web of relationship
  • Manipulation of non-physical powers.

Transcendental Concepts:

  • Integrates people with earth's life forces and beyond.
  • Matter fused to Spirit


  • Equal share and access to resources and knowledge
  • Humility in wonder of nature.
  • Respect and freedom for life.

Ritual: Indigenous and Contemporary

To engage Para normal intelligence, elemental to divine.

To manipulate a non-physical power into linear time and place.

A process that facilitates moving the individual to an experience beyond rational secular time to revitalize self, and communities' physical and psychological being.

Community to global, because "as we help a plant grow, so it helps us grow". Buffalo Calf woman as an example of how influences from beyond binary minds helps a community move to higher ethics and behavior.

Crow Myth of Divine Help.

  • Buffalo weren't there, daughter promises to marry chief Buffalo
  • Father misses her tries to free her and is killed.
  • Daughter in grief receives vision to revive the father.
  • She does and Buffalo are impressed and ask her to do it for his family, so that both families will regenerate life.


  • Identifies and participates with Mana.
  • A life force in all things. Maintains relationships between multidimensional realities, ancestors the elements, as well as other entities.
  • Ritual is a process to celebrate and maintain participation with a wonder that keeps people in a place of humility and respect.
  • The Art of Ritual is to facilitate imposition of a non-physical power to meet survival then identity needs.
  • A magical interplay and connection with mysteries beyond rational, pragmatic experiences.
  • Ritual provokes a quieting of ego, or symbolic death. To be reborn with confirmation of being one with the cosmos.


  • A place of humility, to exercise inner ability to heal oneself.
  • Process to seek knowledge beyond memory or linear time.
  • To experience unconditional love. A move to a higher vibratory level of being in one with. Transcending dualism of personal and cosmological destiny.
  • As an oracle.