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ART204 Syllabus

History of Art

Instructor: Walter Peterson
Office hours: by appointment
Catalog Description: ART204, 205, 206

History of the visual arts in which selected works of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other arts are from western and non-western civilizations are studied in relation to the cultures producing them.  Course surveys art from prehistoric to contemporary periods.  Approved for University studies (Explorations).

Course Description:

The first term of a three-term sequence course designed for both art majors and non-art majors.  For art majors, a necessary foundation is laid for advanced study in studio arts and art history.  Non-art majors are provided a meaningful experience in the study of creativity as reflected in the history of art.  This study concerns understanding the chronological development of the aesthetic and content by artists of artists of western civilizations from prehistoric through medieval cultures. In addition to learning the general outline of historical periods, styles and artists, the student is shown how the meaning of art content reflects in the culture context, the evolving needs and consciousness of the individual and community.  When awareness of historical purpose and morality in the arts is acquired, a premise is made that the student acquires more understanding of one’s place in today’s world.

Course Objectives:

  1. To provide the foundation for advanced study in fine arts for the art major, and a meaningful experience in the history and meaning of art and the creative process for the non-art major.
  2. To acquire a reasonable memory of the chronological order of major art historical periods, in terms of the artists, and the aesthetic of that geographical places.
  3. To study the art in terms of the artist's and cultural context in response to individual and community needs of the particular time.
  4. To know the techniques used by the artist to model, render or express painting, sculptural or architectural form.
  5. To be familiar with and gain understanding of art symbols in terms of their style, source, meaning and effect.
  6. To know the processes of creativity, why it works, the sources of inspiration and how the vision is actualized.
  7. To achieve the ability to use the principles of understanding art in everyday life.

Prerequisites: None

Required Text: Art History, Marilyn Stokstad. 3rd edition

Optional Texts: Readings will be suggested for extra credit during the term.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Class attendance and reading from recommended texts.
  • Completion of assignments, which will be made clear during the term.
  • Ability to access research for assignments from sources outside of classroom experience.
  • A cooperative learning experience is available with instructor's approval.


Final grade will be determined from class participation and an averaging of letter grades achieved from extra credit assignments and the take home exams.

Academic Integrity Policy:

All students are expected to conform to the highest degree of academic integrity.  Instances of cheating, plagiarism or other breeches of honesty in your test and course material may have serious consequences for your academic record.  Such incidences may result in failure of assignments, the class, or in extreme situations disciplinary action at the college level.  Policies for this class are in concordance with those of Rogue Community College.

Course Outline
  1. Cave Art
  2. Neolithic
  3. Egyptian
  4. Mesopotamia
  5. Aegean
  6. Greek
  7. Roman
  8. Early Christian
  9. Medieval
  10. Gothic