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ART206 Introduction

Baroque Through Modern Art
Week I
  • Introduction to course; syllabus, books, grades, office hours, tests, attendance. Cooperative work experience.
  • Why this study of art will be different and important.
    • Interdisciplinary study. The search for a one model description of anything, by dominate left brain thinking in education is medieval, monastic, dogmatic and obsolete, leading to alienation between things.
    • An interdisciplinary study is the most important intellectual, educational discovery of the 20th century. It signifies, the transition from an Aristotelian / Cartesian view of self and nature, to a relativistic, interconnected humanistic perspective, using analogical as well as binary mind.
    • In Art study we look at art from the Artist, Cultural and Iconographic contexts, which is the study of symbolic language at the personal, cultural, esoteric and archetypal levels.
    • Art provokes conceptual thinking, that leads to wisdom seeking, rising above monkey brain physical satisfaction.
    • And importantly this term embraces the Humanist Age, the study of being human. Seeking answers to the "great" identity concerns of being human. Which Art reveals, through ideas from the great genius and geni of our recent and modern times.

On board:

Free thinking individual without preconceptions, or simply reproducing inherited patterns of thought, becomes an active creative center in the life process, initiating yet cooperative: S. Freud.

People sit on the crest of evolutionary wave, with them occurs the passage from an unconscious to a conscious evolution.

Mind intellect radiates from the heart, a metaphor which has its roots in all that has been or will be. Thus knowledge must be gathered from the center.

Problem is that we develop the power of left-brain thinking so rapidly and one sided, that we have forgotten the proper relationship between mind and nature, the world of matter and spirit, left and right brain capabilities.

You are what you think. With free choice
Energy /Conscious / Thought / Reality.

Baroque through Post Modern.

In the Esoteric , Mythological and Scientific sense, personally and globally we are trying to wake up from limited medieval thinking of original sin and predestined apocalypse.
To our latent potentials to imagine the new, to transfigure old world beliefs to a humanist perspective. Where a devotion to the welfare of being human is part of our educational experience.

This will signify a transcendental leap in consciousness. The second one, from alienation between mind and nature, the known and unknown, to integration between sun and moon principles, the arts and sciences.

This second leap, will be a shift from dominate materialist monkey brain survival needs of competition, acquirement and consumption, to wisdom seekers.

Wisdom seeking is the development of our full capabilities to be free from limiting outdated beliefs that deny conscious participation with your source of knowing.

Learning from our history; the importance of it.
To discover our potentials, and why we are the way we are today, we study our history.

Medieval art imprinted on our minds for more than a 1000 yrs, images
that established beliefs that we are born, not capable of being good or cooperating intelligently with each other.

The study of art, its meaning archetypically and in the cultural context, will reveal the problems we face and then, maybe some solutions.

What is the definition of civilization? It is defined by a lack of violence.

But, by historical standards, civilization has led to collapsing ecosystems and ethnic genocide. Because of the misconception that only the strong will survive.
Inequities between people, religions, nations and nature will force change. Generally, most think this will occur because of the adolescent attitude of "if I can’t have it, no one will".

80 % of the world’s resources are consumed by 20% of the richest. Average age of 3rd world countries is adolescent.

Or Nature in her own healing or cycle of renewal will bring change through global environmental changes.

Or as many myths have suggest, the 26000 yr. Cycle, where the last 12000 year’s have been the dark, next 12000 years will be light.

An upward, or downward spiral in terms of people’s consciousness.

Esoterically, this cosmic cycle is a metaphor, from asleep to awake, dark to light, or the ability to step off the Karmic wheel of a final judgment or death.

Or, with individual genii, we recognize our latent power to transfigure the world of reality or mass.    

We are what we are, because of what we choose to think and see around us.
How you lead your life, reflects where you look for wisdom or truth.

From lessons and ideas learned in the study of Art, we understand that, "Pollution begins in the mind."

Historically this pollution began with the age of Dictates from Rome through Medieval ages. Art was used to establish beliefs that we have inherited and are living out.
Institutions, like the church and state used the art to create dogma of higher authority, and dominion over nature, based on Machiavellian concepts of class distinction, and power politics at the expense of people and nature.

These attitudes of a dominant / subservient belief system reflects a dominant ego that avoids quilt through creating incongruent beliefs through images that perpetuates a vicious dogmatic tragedy for the disassociated.

Confirming alienation between things rather than our inherent ability to nourish and cooperate with the whole. A lesson learned from Pre history Art.

The study of Art will challenge outdated beliefs that limit our potential, because by definition, Art is a process that gathers from a source, that is outside of mainstream belief systems. Thinking outside of the box, memory or personal history.

This term art will offer new ideas of our relationship to others, nature and what most people still don’t believe in.

The Romantics will initiate the revolution begun by the Enlightenment of the Renaissance, which challenged higher authority, and privileged access to knowledge and resources. Acknowledging self as genius or creator.

The Romantic Artist will reawaken the trust of nature as a source of truth and the sublime experience.

The Impressionists will spark a new idea of Nature as a vibrational reality which the Post Impressionists see as being continuous with self.

A new description of reality that is mutable rather than fixed or concrete. Or that by participating with nature, the power of the third force is realized, bringing more to subject than artist and nature.

Because as we understand now, that one’s thoughts, ideal and intention has an effect on reality, or the nature of things.

Then the Surrealist with theories of Einstein and Freud will break down the limitation and finality of linear time.

Acknowledging, the influence of the subconscious realms on our lives. Or that, the multidimensional realms beyond one’s personal history, are a source of new ideas that will be congruent to the whole.

When we are reintegrated with the moon principle of nourishment, cooperation and abilities of Psyche, Ethics of Internal Integrity is realized.

So Art is a process that unlocks the potential or power of inspiration, which Einstein said is 90% of the universe, with "a will to become".

And Post Modern art will recognize the concept that one’s self is a microcosm of the whole, which naturally seeks harmony with the whole. Through constructive congruent change, to fulfill our destiny.

With Michelangelo’s suggestion of our divine potential in his creation of Adam, we have great power to explore our universe.

Yet today, science & technology and most resources follow an altered ego, or "self gratification" at the expense of others. Material consumption is seen as a path to happiness, and is unable to change.

One of the great expectations of 20th century was that science, left-brain technology would provide everyone happiness and security. Yet, the living Noble Peace Prize winners say our time is short. The Oceans are dying. And there is adolescent thinking with the technological ability to destroy it all.

But when art, quantum physics and depth psychology are united, a great step forward will be made, where integrity to one’s self, is in relationship with the whole.

So education must support integration and cultural openness to embrace and participate with your realm of genius or geni.

A source of new experience or understanding from one’s center, "the metaphor of the heart."

In the ancient schools education was meant to draw out from one’s center, rather than, drumming into. Where the student gathers truth, or new information to satisfy both personal and macro destiny.

That is congruent to both self, others, and nature.

Art challenges and transcends limitations of the left-brain analytical memory. Art offers new insight and will ensure a constructive evolution of form to greater levels of spirit.

This depends culturally, on the ability to accept the ramifications of the right brain, intuitive subconscious realms of self.

Now deemed unknowable and irrational, yet it is the true source of one’s creative self.

From this will come a new awareness that quality of life depends more on how you believe and think, not what you eat.

And art will suggest new ideas, from great art that satisfy the great questions of being human.

That is what makes the study of art different.

Art by definition provokes wisdom seeking. Based on the four natural laws:

  1. Thought is energy, which
  2. Determines the character/quality of your reality. Based on an
  3. Unlimited potential with
  4. Free choice or will

The purpose of art study:

To learn from great art, is to understand how to become more self-responsible, based on ethics and values that support both self, nature and the community.

When the arts and sciences are umbrellaed by humanist ideas, we will move from alienation to integration between things. A balance between consumption and nourishment, competition and cooperation, a harmonic interplay between self and nature, the known and unknown.

When education embraces our inner creative potential, we realize our natural ability to: heal; seek wisdom, love and the power to be.

More specifically, in art study, the image will provoke feelings and emotions that provide ideas, food for the metaphysical spiritual aspect of self: bringing a balance to both physical survival and identity needs.

Where choice and action is compatible to both self and the whole. Because it’s the internal moon aspect of self that recognizes the interrelatedness of all things, and provides the nourishment and cooperation between the whole, micro and macro.

When we gain a trust of our creative potential to imagine the future we want, then like the artist, life will become the canvas that reflects personally, then globally a more true civilization.

And in conclusion, the art we study, great Art of huge importance will reveal and confirm concepts of self-realization.

And thus a greater understanding of this mystery called life.

And by participation in this study of ART that leads to more understanding of Who we are and Why we are really here, and our potentials, we become wisdom seekers making a difference.

Because "like the pebble into the pond", we help shift collective social consciousness to peaceful co-existence.

Wisdom seekers, free, yet supportive and exercising our natural curiosity to extend the boundaries of the known world.